Friday, October 6, 2017

Back in Business!

Sometime ago, I posted that something new was coming to Minnie Maes. After a long wait, that something new has made it's debut.

Yes, you read that correctly, Minnie Maes is back in business.  Yes, there is a new product in stock. As a matter of fact, this awesome play mat is currently one of a kind. If it sells, there will be more to come like it. I actually have an under water mat, a cowboy mat, and a super hero mat that are in the process of being duplicated. (The originals are being kept for a little one at my house).

I haven't forgotten about the spiky fellow in the photo. He is anxiously awaiting a new home too.  

Stay tuned for new goodies to be added daily.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Kitchen Cabinet Organization...

Above the stove organization

I'm still working on trying to get my kitchen in order. So far I have bought these nifty little containers to store our medicine in. Each little plastic container is labeled with what is inside so it makes it really easy to find what we need, when we need it. I had a three-tiered shelf that I was able to put our vitamins and supplements on. Short little plastic trays made a nice home for random things that I need almost every day like baking powder and salt.

I saw this awesome tutorial on using Dollar Store cookie cooling racks to make spice shelves. It only took a few minutes to make all four of them. They are held in place by plastic, ashesive hooks.  I'm a little leery of trusting those adhesive hooks but so far they are holding fine. Spices don't weigh very much so I think we'll be ok.

The next job that I'm going to tackle, is the school cabinet. I may have to call for reinforcements!

Monday, July 18, 2016

The Organization Bug bit me....

This just happened.  Right now.  I mean, sort of....ok, last night, this just happened!

I now have a kitchen command center. I'll have to train myself to check it often but I'm pretty sure it will be a good thing in the future.

I'm slack in the tutorial department.  I'm sorry.   I can tell you that if you take advantage of the back to school sales right now, you can pull this off too.

I had the bottom cork board already (dumpster dive at our storage facility- don't judge, it was just sitting there on top of a box waiting for me at the dumpster).  I bought the two dry erase boards and the calender at a local retail store for around $22.00.  They even came with fancy-smancy markers and erasers. I bought another large magnetic eraser and the magnetic marker holder for somewhere around $6.00.  The picture at the top was on clearance at another local retail store for $4.99. 

Everything didn't start off having black trim.  A can of spray paint fixed that and, voila, matching frames.

So, with some picture hangers, a level, and a hammer, it came together. I'm pretty happy with the end result.   :)

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Crafty Fail #??

Vacation Bible school is next week. I had this great idea to make a sensory bottle.  Well, the sensory bottle did not turn out ANYWHERE like those cute ones on Pinterest.   Where did I go wrong?  I put in water, baby oil, and cooking oil.  I added a bag of these cute little butterfly charms and the glitter.   I hot glued the cap and screwed it on.  Easy peasy, right? 

Maybe I should have used fine glitter and not so much red?  I don't know.  Maybe a smaller bottle?  Speaking of the bottle, I bummed it from my son.  Now he doesn't have a water bottle.   I'm feeling guilty now but I'll make sure he gets a new one.  Well, chalk one up for a crafty fail.  Life will go on!  :)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Just When I Had Given Up on My Seeds...

This here, is a pea in the making.

Its been 2 weeks since we planted our seeds in our square foot garden.  It had previously been pretty cool outside but for the past 3 days or so, we've had some nice, warm, spring weather. 

I guess thats all it took.  I'm so glad because I was worrying that my seeds were too old to come up at all.  They are all heirloom seeds because I feel that it is extremely important to stay away from all of the GMO infused concoctions that are becoming so common.

Maybe we'll have come carrots and cucumbers in the near future.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Still Painting...

The final painting

I've lost count of how many days its taken to accomplish this monumental task but, we are done!  I have to wait one week for the paint to completely "set" and become scratch resistant.  (A necessity concerning play equipment!)

The finally paint count: 4 cans of blue, 4-1/2 cans of green.  Seriously,  it took that much. At least we have some blue left over that can be used to help decorate some props for Vacation Bible School that is coming up soon.  :)     

Once our 1 week "curing" time is up, I'll post a pick of it all put together.  I'm excited!

Something Old is Going to Look New

Laying out the first pieces
Kind of what we're starting with
Marking off the "wood"
A work in progress with 1 coat

I bought some used, plastic kiddo furniture.  I was thrilled to get it.  Like most plastic outdoor furniture,  it was a little faded but otherwise in good shape. I had seen these "Little Tikes Make Overs" on Pinterest and I knew that I had to make a go for it. 

On those "make over" tutorials, most suggested a particular brand and type of spray paint.  This is the point where I was stopped in my tracks. Why, you ask?  I went to both home improvement stores in my town and guess what?  They didn't have any other than 4 cans of a "girly" blue.   That was not going to work. My search continued......  I finally found what I was looking for at a local department store.

I bought 2 cans of blue, 2 cans of green,  and a can of brown.   Having already washed the pieces down with some Charlie Soap earlier in the day to allow everything to dry, we got to work spraying the first coat on most of the pieces.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to spray most of the pieces with a second coat. I've already used a full can of green so I'm assuming I'll have to go buy at least one more can of both blue and green.  We'll just have to see....

Monday, December 7, 2015

Something New Coming to Minnie Maes

A few months ago, I was asked to join my sister in law at a craft show at the local high school.  I've been stuck right in the middle of "sewing" burnout and really didnt feel like sewing up a bunch of purses and whatnot.   I decided to think outside of the box and make something totally different.  I visited my local craft store and bought a ton of felt. I turned some of that "ton" into a felt play mat.  It made me happy to design this little mat!!  Who knows, maybe my burnout is gone....

 I'll be putting some of these little jewels up for sale very soon in my Etsy shop.  Each mat will come with some plastic characters to play and imagine with. I have a western theme, under the sea, a super hero theme, and my favorite girly one; a princess/ fairy/ mermaid mat!  My mats will be a little different than others I've seen as they will have the ability to close up and be carried by handles. There will even be a deep pocket to hold all of the cute play figures in. 

Why are they not up for sale now, you say?  I simply need to take some photos.  It's that simple.