Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Team SC needs your vote!

The South Carolina Etsy Street Team hosted a November Creative Challenge with the theme of "Celebrating the Holidays". There were 4 entries this month. Please take a moment and visit the Team SC blog and cast your vote for your favorite item.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Minnie Maes participated in the Team SC Holiday Bazaar Recently

On Saturday, November 22nd, I participated in an in-home holiday bazaar at the home of one of my fellow South Carolina Etsy Street Team teammates. I had a great time and it was a great learning experience for me.

This is my display with a lot of my items that I brought

I ran out of time and had hoped to included lots of inexpensive items that children could easily purchase. This basket contains a lot of smaller items that I brought that day that I already had made up.

Here is my box of bears

Everyone that participated that day had a lot of fun and we all are planning on getting together in December to display and sell our items together again as a team. I'm looking forward to it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Baby "Lizzie" Hat

When will things ever slow down? Those bothersome multiplication tables are causing everything at my house to come to a screeching halt some days. The only thing a mama can do is trudge on. Eventually, those times tables will be memorized and this troublesome time will end.

I feel this constant feeling of urgency in the back of my mind that something really big, and really busy, is on the horizon. Oh, yeah, the holidays are approaching! I knew I forgot something. Eeek!

Sometimes in between my Farmville addiction and checking all my "stuff" (as I call it) online, I do manage to snag a free moment or two, here and there. Recently, in my free time, I knitted up this little hat from some spare yarn that I have had for years. Leave it to me to calculate wrong and run out of enough of it to make the entire hat just, plain red. I had to throw a black stripe in there just to make it to the end.
I think it turned out pretty good considering I don't have a baby in the house and don't have any baby showers to attend anytime soon. This little hat will probably end up as my first knitted item at Minnie Maes.

I took this little photo with the assistance of Roly Poly Girl's baby doll. I learned something from this experience. NEVER, I REPEAT, NEVER forget to tell your little girl, ahead of time, that if she sees you with her doll, taking photos of it, it DOES NOT mean that I'm going to sell it on Etsy. Tears were flowing before I even turned around to see what was the matter. Oh, the lesson I learned that day.

Since that day, I announce to the entire house, when I take photos, that if you see me with any strange objects (other than sewn items), I am only borrowing them as props.

The things a mama has to do......

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Team SC is hosting a Holiday Bazaar In the Upstate on November 21st

Local SC artisans are hosting an in-home Holiday Bazaar for your Holiday shopping needs. Handmade items will be on display for viewing and purchase. So get in the spirit of the holidays, support local artisans and give gifts that carry the special love that comes from being handmade.

Bring your friends, neighbors, and family. All attendees will receive one chance to win our door prize, a Holiday Gift Basket of handmade items provided by the artisans. You don’t have to be present for the drawing at 4:00pm. Refreshments will be provided.

Date: Saturday, November 21st
Time: 1:00pm until 4:oopm
Place: 140 Fairway Estates Road, Greer, SC 29651

For driving directions and other details, check out this link.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween, Publix Supermarket, and the Biggest Pile of Leaves I've ever Encountered....

Phew- too much has been going on around here. I'm almost worn out! I did, however, find a minute or two to share some photos again of what's went on lately.

Here is a fairy princess, Snow White, a ninja, and a Victorian princess all about to make their presence known to our unsuspecting elderly neighbors. Look out, Mr. A! They are about to invade! and invade, they did..... Afterward, I was told that Mr. A gave out the coolest chocolate eyeballs around.

I guess by now you are wondering what Publix Supermarket has to do with this Halloween escapade. Some years ago, we discovered that Publix stores let kiddos "Trick or Treat" in each department. (Floral, Pharmacy, Bakery, Deli, Produce, Meat, Service Desk, get the idea.) Guess what, they scored pretty good here. We drove to the next Publix store on our little route and they scored again. Now, how about that?

Halloween came and went. Then the leaves fell off of the trees. The kids took advantage of that opportunity. Scott, packing a leaf blower, helped the situation a little. We even had a couple of neighborhood kids come over and get lost in that pile too. The kids had this goal of making the pile as tall as the gas grill. They accomplished their goal but the leaf pile didn't stay up very long.

Even some big kids got into the act. Hey, H, got some embarrassing video of you too. You just wait- it will surface on the Internet eventually..... mwha, ha, ha......

Now, I bring you to the funniest story in this leaf journey. You know how teenagers like to talk on the phone and "text" constantly. How is this shot for showing how dedicated a teenage boy can be with his texting. What was he saying, "Hey, jumping in leaf pile- text ya' later"?

I just had to include this photo. Do you see it? The dedicated texting teenager triumphantly held his phone out of the leaves to protect it. Such determination and dedication that boy has.....

Friday, November 6, 2009

Natural "Yard Art"

Betcha' thought I'd ran away huh? Well, it's just been super busy around my place and I don't expect things to lighten up for awhile. We are hitting the school books pretty hard and that takes up all of the "play" time that I used to have. That's ok though. It's teaching me to prioritize things a little better now. I have managed to find a few minutes to post these photos of the last fleeting glimpses of warmer weather gone by. Hope you enjoy.

I promise I'll have some silly stuff coming up when I can squeeze some time in.....

The bee that allowed me to get really, really close to take this picture.......

Someone's been "munchy" on those leaves, it appears

I almost got this one focused right.

This is not poison oak. This is Virginia Creeper. People from all around the south panic when they see it and think it's poison oak. There is still cause to worry though- some people are allergic to Virginia Creeper. I wouldn't know if I was or not- I just leave it alone. It does color up to a pretty peachy shade of color though, if I may say so myself....