Monday, August 31, 2009

A Day Trip To Greenville- Part 2

The city of Greenville was founded around the Reedy River Falls. Here are some pretties that we seen when we decided to play "tourist" for the day.

The entrance to the park

This is the view that we first saw from atop the Liberty Bridge. For years, a "driving" bridge covered these falls and many people had no idea that these falls were here in the first place. The city went through a massive movement to change the view, destroyed the car bridge, and built a massive walking bridge so that people could enjoy the scenery.

Just a tid bit of info for you concerning the Reedy River- just because I'm brutally honest sometimes:
I happen to know where this river begins and I also happen to know what is dumped into it along the many miles before it gets to this point. Let's just say that my kiddos were not allowed to get anyway around this water. It's pretty- but it's also hazardous to your health....

Here is Liberty Bridge. It creeped my son out when it moved a little while we were stopped to take pictures. It was kind of like the vibration that you feel when you are at the mall on the second floor- to give you an idea.

Here is the bridge from a different angle

A scene from atop the bridge

Here are some other parts of Falls Park

Little hideaways tucked here and there...

My oldest said that this needed to be in a Lord of the Rings movie.....

This reminded me of the "Whomping Willow" in Harry Potter. (Did I spell "Whomping Willow" correctly?)

We really enjoyed the trip downtown and seen a lot of things that we had no idea existed in our neck of the woods. Isn't that just the way it usually is, you never know what's just outside your door do you?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

"Bobs" and the Such

If you follow my blog, you might remember that my youngest likes to name animals and things, "Bob". Here are a flock of "Bobs" that we passed on our day trip the other day.

This is the "such" I guess from the title of this blog post. Rolly Poly girl didn't name this Bob so that qualifies it as "such".

Imagine this screamed across the entire downtown area...."STOP!!!!!!!!!!- DON'T WALK ON THE BAT SYMBOL!!!!!" Yep, that's what Rolly Poly Girl blistered our ear drums with.....

Perhaps it represents an ostrich sticking it's head up in the air?

Check out this clock outside of The Poinsett Hotel. It says 1905. I don't remember it being there like, maybe, ten years ago. Hmmmmmm.........

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Day Trip to Downtown Greenville- Part 1

I just have to show you the funny stuff first. I guess people thought I was a nut taking pictures of things of this sort but I didn't care.

At first glance, you could guess that it is easy to get "runned" over on the streets of Greenville (as a lot of us say). This guy was playing it safe and using a handy dandy truck to keep himself off of the streets. After all, who wants to paint with people coming by and commenting constantly? What about the rogue individual that might stick their finger in your painting? This dude had the right idea moving on up "vertically".

I can only wonder why someone needs an exercise bike on a main street parking lot. What bewilders me more is why someone would "lock" their exercise bike up to keep it from being stolen?

Now this one is funny. Not only is it just outside of a business that is known in my neck of the woods as a business that could be called "bully-ish", they had to go and paint this symbol on the actual road out front. We figured that it is the "Push me down" lane.

My teenager, that recently got his driver's permit, didn't see this sign in his instruction manual. Is this really a legal road marking???? Maybe I should ask the DMV.....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Go to Friday Fill Ins to "Fill In" your own!

1. He was a fishermen in his early years. Thanks to his Work-A-Holic-ism, he hasn't picked up a pole in many, many years. (Yeah, you know who I'm aiming this one at Dear).

2. A trip to Hendersonville, NC to pick up some apples is what I look forward to most this time of year.

3. My best friend works all of the time and I haven't gotten to talk to her in over 6 months!

4. Cold weather freaks me out to be honest with you.

5. Appearances can be deceiving (the obvious answer) but often times, what you think you see is not even close to what is actually there at all...

6. The last person I gave a hug to was my youngest son- just a few minutes ago too :) .

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to maybe, just maybe- (don't tell anyone!)- buy some new paint rollers?, tomorrow my plans include maybe, just maybe, putting those new paint rollers to work (shhhhh....)? and Sunday, I want to be able to look back on Friday and Saturday and be pleased that something (that has needed to be done for a long time), was not foiled again!

The South Carolina Etsy Street Team Needs Your Vote!

Every month, the South Carolina Etsy Street Team has a Creative Challenge in which members can submit items according to a particular theme. This month's theme was "Back To School". Pictured above are this month's participants. Please visit the South Carolina Etsy Street Team's Blog---------->>>>> here <<<<<----------------to cast your vote for your favorite item pictured above.

It only take a minute to click on over and vote so please do so!

What's Outside Scott's Car Windows- The Mountain Edition

There were just too many goodies to see on these downtown streets so I just made a collage of them all. If you click on the picture, you can see them enlarged.

Apparently, when I wasn't paying attention, the downtown areas of a lot of cities are putting out "themed" statues for people to "ooh and ahhh" over. This town had an apple and bear thing going on. Well, that's one town with fish statues and one with an apple/bear thing going on. Hmmm, I wonder what Scott will run up on next outside of his car windows?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Day Trip To Hendersonville, NC-- Part 2...

Apparently, Hendersonville is home to a famous statue. I haven't read the book and I really don't know what the story is behind this angel (I hope it's nothing bad). I "Swagbucked" Wolfe's Angel and this article is what I came up with.

The angel is originally from Carrara in Italy. It now resides in the Oakdale Cemetery in Hendersonville, NC.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Big Pile Of Lizard Looking Stuff Finally Takes Shape

Remember some time ago when I mentioned that I was working on this big pile of lizard looking stuff?

Here is that "lizard looking stuff" transformed into a stuffed dragon. Isn't he cute! I know that he needs eyeballs but my button stash just didn't have anything that would justify his overall "cuteness" so he is eyeball-less for now. If you remember, I had lost two important pattern pieces to this guy so I opted to take my son's dragon apart and trace his pieces. Hooray, I now have a complete set of pattern pieces now and I can start making some of these guys to sell! My next problem is that I just can't seem to find the perfect fabric for the next one I'm going to make. This lizard patterned fabric is something that I bought long ago and I haven't seen it since, so "lizard scales" are out of the question. I'm eyeballing some "flame" fabric at the store right now.

Here is a side view. I wanted you to see his cute tail (that is an absolute monster to sew). I changed how his head is attached (which is much more sturdy now). When I finished putting him back together, I put fresh stuffing in and then handed him back over to his owner. My son laughed and said that his dragon now looked like he was "expecting".

A Day Trip To Hendersonville, NC

I've said before that sometimes I ride along with my hubby for a change in the scenery. After all, sometimes there just isn't anything very exciting outside my windows every day. On this particular day, we went to Asheville, NC. The funny thing is, I didn't take a single picture while in Asheville. We only drove on the outskirts of town so nothing was very exciting unless you count the fact that the guy that fixes the drinks at J&S Cafeteria disappeared and the waitress got a lemon creme pie in the face from a co-worker. (On second thought, the pie thing was exciting but there was no way I could have whipped out my camera in time).

We were taking our time driving around and tried to find some fun things to do to break up the boring ride. We stopped at a thrift store (that really didn't look like a thrift store) and walked around in complete shock. South Carolina thrift stores don't even compare to North Carolina thrift stores. This shop resembled a small Walmart or something. Everything was written in actual English and everything had prices on it. Wow- we are still amazed. I did pick up a really good copy of Anne of Green Gables for my daughter. I had to chuckle when my youngest son got really bored in the car and started reading it to Roly Polley Girl. He began like this, "Annie and the Green Gable". That's as far as he got and I heard the book slam in the back seat behind me. "Girly book", he must have thought. (Either that or he heard me chuckle when I heard the misread title.)

We left Asheville and headed back through Hendersonville. This is a sight we saw in the little village of Flat Rock. If you are familiar with Flat Rock, it is the home of Connemara- which is the home place of the late writer, Carl Sandburg. If it hadn't been so late in the afternoon, we would have stopped at Connemara but the sky was getting black for more reasons than one.

This is another view of the same little river that flowed by the side of the road.

Well, this is why we didn't go to Carl Sandburg's place. Something was looming over the hill. Believe me, it loomed alright- we had to go straight through it to get home.

Stay tuned....we did manage to visit downtown Hendersonville and saw a few strange sites of the fruity variety that I'll share soon.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm On A Sewing Roll- Believe It Or Not!

It all started with this pile of "stuff". I've found that it's much easier to cut everything out and get it ready before I try to put something together. I finally figured out this little fact the hard way. Don't you just love that red? Sometimes I browse through the fabric department and something catches my eye. That red certainly did. That cute argyle was in a remnant bin- can you believe it?

A gazillion steps were missed by the time I took this picture but you get the idea that it's in the "rough" stage by looking at the edges. The stuffed puppy in the top right corner was a strategically placed distraction by Roly Polley Girl to try and get me to stop sewing. It didn't work.

Once, I got up to unplug the iron and looked down at the floor. I make big messes when I sew. (Ask my vacuum cleaner. It may never recover from the thread wrapped around the beaters.) This was the debris left over after I picked most of it up.

After that, I proceeded to attach the metal snaps. Oh how I detest putting in metal snaps. They aren't very nice to me........not to mention the fact that my hammer ran off twice (thank you Roly Polley Girl) and I had to rescue it. It's funny, usually when I put one of these together, I worry more about someone getting burned on the iron. This time, the only casualty was the poor iron cord that got sucked up by the vacuum. Oh yeah, and Scott counts as a casualty too. He was the one that sucked the cord up with the vacuum. When that happened, the iron fell off of the table and hit his foot. He survived to tell the tale so don't worry.

This is what the finished wallet looks like open. It has 6 pockets with vinyl label holders and three debit/credit card holders in the middle. There is also a zippered pocket for loose change.

How about that? It only took 2 hours, wrapped up string on the vacuum beaters, a runaway hammer, and a smashed foot. Not bad for a day's work I guess.

By the way, this cute wallet (that I almost kept for myself) is currently listed (if I don't change my mind about keeping it....) at Minnie Maes in case you are interested.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some sewing actually went on this week!

Some time ago I had cut out a bunch of fabric with the intention of sewing all of it up into some trick or treat bags for my Etsy shop. Let's just say that some time ago was over a month ago to be honest.

I managed to get a lot of bags sewn together today but the hard part is yet to come. Those of you that sell on Etsy know exactly what I mean. The pictures. Yes, photographing items is the hardest part of selling. You wouldn't think so but I sure do believe it is. I'm sure hundreds would agree with me on that little point.

Last year when I opened my shop, my very first sale was from a trick or treat bag. As a matter of fact, it was exactly like the orange spider bag in the middle top part of the above picture. This year, as I have developed into a more practical person, I have made it a point to use up a lot of my scraps. Those scraps can be useful too after all! That's where those small treat bags came into play in the bottom part of the above picture. I will probably set sets of those if the first set sells fairly quickly.

What is all of this you say? Well, I just finished up 7 more items to donate to the Team SC shop. Team SC is going to offer sample boxes this holiday shopping season. The sample boxes will be listed some time in the next month or so. If you would like to check out the goodies that Team SC's shop has for sale now, just click on over.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Fill Ins

Go to Friday Fill Ins to "Fill In" your own!

1. I remember, I remember "Don't forget to wash behind your ears".

2. Dear Dusty, I want you to know that you are gonna' have to lay off of the berries and dirt if you want to survive this winter, Mr. Skin and Bones.

3. Is that my hairbrush in the mud puddle!!???

4. I'm trying to resist the temptation of making homemade brownies because they will give me a toothache and I'm just not sure if the sacrifice of the yummy goodness, justifies the extreme pain afterward. Decisions, decisions, decisions....

5. I'm saving a piece of chocolate cake just for you!

6. If I made a birthday list, David Tennant (for all of the Dr. Who fans in the house) and Spongebob Squarepants would definitely be on it!!! (I might even invite John Locke from "Lost" too (the reaction on every one's face would be priceless).

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to maybe, just maybe, finally buying a gob of those 25 cent boxes of Crayons at Walmart before they are gone, tomorrow my plans include finding out the hard way that I have to babysit at the last minute and Sunday, I want to have started sewing on a new critter- (a yellow fire breathing one to be exact)!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

What's Outside Scott's Car Windows- Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Scott has been on a "roll" lately with seeing strange things outside his car windows while traveling around South Carolina. We wanted to share this one too.

How is this for a blast from the past? When I was younger, there was a local skating rink that I just happened to spend some time at. When that skating rink had some kind of special occasion, someone would drive up in the parking lot in this baby. How many roller skate cars could there possibly be in this world? Probably less than there are ice chest cars. Yep....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bananas, Spiders, Fog, and Muffins

It all started with these three bananas. They came from Whole Foods Market. Bananas from Whole Foods Market taste really, really good compared to bananas from other stores. This threesome was purchased about 3 days ago. They kind of ripened faster than I had hoped they would.

Being the thrifty mom that I am, I do not let anything go to waste these days. These three bananas had to be made into something soon. I peeled them, whipped up a little something, put that "little something" into the oven, and threw the banana peels in my compost "jug" that I keep on the counter I then proceeded to go outside to dump my compost "jug" into my compost "bucket"-with the intention that one day, I will, once again, dump my compost bucket into the compost "pile". The compost pile will be the dirt I plant my seeds into next year.

Now that we are straight on that little fact, back to the story at hand. I've got to blend this tale of bananas, spiders, fog, and muffins all together.

When I opened the back door, it was obvious as seen in the photo above, it was- f-o-g-g-y.

Here is another view of the fog. It doesn't look too bad but I tell you, half an hour before that, you could hardly see the picnic table. (I didn't think of grabbing the camera a half hour before so you will just have to take my word for it.)

The volley ball pole had been visited by some spiders the night before. Ok, it could be one spider, I didn't ask to see exactly how many spiders there were on that pole and rope.

Are you following me, so far, I've touched on all three aspects in the title of this blog post: bananas, spiders, and fog. See, they make since together after all, don't they.
As I walked closer to my compost bucket, I noticed the shiny web of another spider. It had made it's little home under the seat of a bicycle.

I glanced up before I walked under the volleyball net just to make sure a spider didn't drop on my head and I noticed this little web here.

I looked down and saw the web on the spokes of the bicycle.

I looked up again and saw another web like the one above.

When I walked back into the house, these guys were ready to be taken out of the oven. MMMM, yummy. What kind are they you say? I think I'll call them Foggy, Coconut, Banana, Spider muffins.

Monday, August 17, 2009

What's Outside Scott's Car Windows- Something's Mighty Fishy

Scott hit the jackpot this week when he happened to notice something "fishy" outside his car windows.

Apparently this fish in particular won first place. Congratulations Mr. Fish.

This fish loves South Carolina

This fish sports a native heritage

I'm not sure why there is a huge circular object sticking out of this one. Maybe a Frisbee contest went bad? High school disc throw practice gone crazy?