Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tell me what you think this is.....

Possum (yes, I'm southern, it's possum around these parts- not opossum), badger, or mole?

My oldest son was watching me put together some fleece hats the other day.  I had lots of pieces of paper (don't tell Scott I "borrowed" lots of his computer paper) (with ideas for new fleece animal hats drawn all over them), scattered all over the bed.  He asked me if I could make a possum hat.  I tried, I really did.  I'm just not too sure what it turned out to really be.  You see, this guys isn't even finished yet, he is missing a black, outlined mouth, whiskers, and of course, a liner.  My son wants him to have red eyeballs and blood spotted teeth when it's finished.  Regardless, it has been born, I'm just not sure what it is. At this rate, I'm not even sure when it will be finished with Christmas getting closer and closer....

That's where you come in, tell me what you think it is.You can leave your guess in the comments below.  I'd appreciate it, I really would.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fleece Puppy dog and Mice Hats at Minnie Maes!

 After a long break, Minnie Maes now is the home of some furry, fleecy, critters of the wearable variety.  (I love the word critters)  My Roly Poly girl loves dogs- probably more than most 8 year olds.  I made her a one of a kind puppy hat last winter and after getting it out for this winter's cooler weather, I decided to make some "not so one of a kind" doggy hats based on the one that I made last year for my girly.  I've made 4 dog hats and two mice hats and put them up for sale at Minnie Maes.  

Where did the mice come from?  Well, it was a last minute thought just before I put up my fleece material for the day.  I thought to myself, "Self, I haven't seen a mouse hat anywhere on the net- I can fix that!"  So there you go. Mice and dogs have invaded Minnie Maes.  I have some other critters in the works but that's a secret for now.  I can tell you that a couple of them are critters that I haven't seen on any hats, on the net either.  

Thanks for looking!

Monday, July 9, 2012

15 Months Is A Loooong Time......

Yes, it's been that long.  Life has a way of making you sort your priorities and blogging has been shoved to the back burner.  I'm sorry.  I have every intention of coming back to the blog world on a regular basis.  I just don't know when that regular basis will be.

To be perfectly honest, I am making this quick post just so Blogger doesn't think I abandoned my blog or something, for good.  See, at least I'm honest still ((grin))...  Meanwhile, if anyone is still out there listening, I'm still here, I'm still around, I'm still hanging on as best I can, and one day, yes one day, I will be back on a regular basis.