Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fleece Puppy dog and Mice Hats at Minnie Maes!

 After a long break, Minnie Maes now is the home of some furry, fleecy, critters of the wearable variety.  (I love the word critters)  My Roly Poly girl loves dogs- probably more than most 8 year olds.  I made her a one of a kind puppy hat last winter and after getting it out for this winter's cooler weather, I decided to make some "not so one of a kind" doggy hats based on the one that I made last year for my girly.  I've made 4 dog hats and two mice hats and put them up for sale at Minnie Maes.  

Where did the mice come from?  Well, it was a last minute thought just before I put up my fleece material for the day.  I thought to myself, "Self, I haven't seen a mouse hat anywhere on the net- I can fix that!"  So there you go. Mice and dogs have invaded Minnie Maes.  I have some other critters in the works but that's a secret for now.  I can tell you that a couple of them are critters that I haven't seen on any hats, on the net either.  

Thanks for looking!

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