Monday, December 7, 2015

Something New Coming to Minnie Maes

A few months ago, I was asked to join my sister in law at a craft show at the local high school.  I've been stuck right in the middle of "sewing" burnout and really didnt feel like sewing up a bunch of purses and whatnot.   I decided to think outside of the box and make something totally different.  I visited my local craft store and bought a ton of felt. I turned some of that "ton" into a felt play mat.  It made me happy to design this little mat!!  Who knows, maybe my burnout is gone....

 I'll be putting some of these little jewels up for sale very soon in my Etsy shop.  Each mat will come with some plastic characters to play and imagine with. I have a western theme, under the sea, a super hero theme, and my favorite girly one; a princess/ fairy/ mermaid mat!  My mats will be a little different than others I've seen as they will have the ability to close up and be carried by handles. There will even be a deep pocket to hold all of the cute play figures in. 

Why are they not up for sale now, you say?  I simply need to take some photos.  It's that simple.  

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