Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cuteness- pure and simple- Oh, and a few bugs too...

Yeah, you know that kind of cuteness. The puppy kind. That puppy breath, puppy feet smell cuteness...... Cuteness pure and simple.

This is "Jipped". He belongs to our former neighbor. He brought him over to show the kids. They ate him all up. He said that he was named "Jipped" because they were promised a female pup and when they got him, they figured out he was a boy so they got, "jipped".

Jipped was so sleepy- you know being cute is very tiring. He took a nap in the backyard. The kids had a hard time leaving him alone because he was just too cute and they wanted "awake" cuteness- not "asleep" cuteness.

Since Jipped wasn't around later that day, Roly Poly girl spent some time with this caterpillar for awhile. I've been around these guys all my life and for the first time, one bit me. Yes, it sank it's little fangs right into my arm. Let's just say that I'm not picking these guys up again. You learn something every day I guess.

This beauty was captured by another neighbor. Apparently he was injured by a passing car. We took his picture and then left him under a tree with hopes he would survive. Who knows if he made it or not- we had a nasty little hail storm- (yet again)- the next day. That's nature though. As much as it hurts us, we have to let nature take it's course sometimes.

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  1. All three of those creatures are adorable in their own way.
    And I didn't know caterpillars bit!