Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Few New Items at Minnie Maes and a Bear in the Works...

Since I made my Bible carrier last week, I stumbled upon the fact that some people like to carry their latest paperback book with them where ever they go. I never thought of this because I guess, I've just never had the time to enjoy a good book at my leisure. I'm the type that hovers, humpbacked over a book, with a maddening look in my eye, and feverishly reading as fast as possible. Why? Because I'm a mom and moms just don't get to read books at leisure. The are interrupted constantly. It's a fact of nature. So, you see, that's why I was quite surprised to the fact that I had lost sight of what was going on around me. Not everyone spends their free time cleaning house, cooking, or figuring out which kiddo went where. Some people sit, relax, and actually consume a book. People actually take books with them to the park, beach, or even the coffee house. Where have I been?!?

I found this fabric on clearance last month and had no idea what it would become until I pictured someone holding it while sitting on a bench underneath a weeping willow tree at the park. It reeked of personality and besides that, it's just plain, cute.

Here is the paperback carrier opened with a Nancy Drew book inside. (Yeah, I have one - make that two- girls that like Nancy Drew). A book carrier comes in handy, not only because you can "carry" your book, but also you can have some privacy. No one will ever suspect that that girl in the park, wearing that pink chiffon dress is reading the latest issue of "Grub worms and Other Fishing Bait"

This is the other paperback carrier that I made from the material left over from my Bible carrier. It's cute, it doesn't call a lot of attention to itself. I think it's practical- more my speed I guess.

This is what it looks like opened and with a book inserted. The inside is a little more colorful than the outside. Hey, kind of like me :)

This is Bessie Pearl the teddy bear. She is, in the making, so to speak. Poor girl, I had just about finished her and ran out of stuffing for her tummy area. So, right now, she's a little on the skinny side. When she is finished, I'm planning on listing her in the South Carolina Etsy Street Team's shop.

I'll be sure to let you all know Bessie Pearl is celebrating her official birthday and when I actually find a copy of Grub Worms and other Fishing Bait to pass on to that girl in the pink chiffon dress......

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