Friday, December 12, 2008

Come Give the South Carolina Team Some Love

This cute guy is from

I am a proud member of the South Carolina Etsy Street Team. Being on a team gives a person a sense of community. You remember the definition of community. (According to the online version of the
Merriam- Webster Dictionary), Community means "a unified body of individuals". (There, we have had our educational moment today)

Being on a team is neat. You don't feel like you are the only soul out there in the world doing whatever it is that you are doing. In this case, making "stuff" and selling it on the web. Even greater, being on the South Carolina Team means that all of the people on it are within driving distance from me. Of course this doesn't mean that I am going to visit all of my teammates, it just means that we all live our day to day lives basically under the same government rule, shop in the same types of grocery/retails stores, and, well, you get the picture.

Can you tell that I'm rambling on and on. Something about having laryngitis does something to a person. The first chance you get to talk (whether it be typing talk) or whatever, you tend to run off at the mouth. In my case, run off in the blog.

Back to the subject at hand- The South Carolina Etsy Street Team! Come visit at the team list and give it some shopping love! There will be more items to come and if you check out the profile section, you will find a list of shops by category that will make your shopping much, much easier! Remember, check out this store's profile and you will find all of the shops on the team listed.

So, the moral of this story is, come visit the South Carolina Team and browse around in the pool of goodies. Remember, start here!


  1. ooh which beach is behind ur sock critter? :-) enjoyed reading your blogs!

  2. Crystal, you will have to ask HardyHarHar which beach that picture is from. All I know, I wish I were there. It has been years since I have visited the beach!