Thursday, December 18, 2008

What's Outside My Windows.... (Part 3)

Well folks, here it is....
Tony the Tiger Forgot to Eat Breakfast and collapsed from hunger.

I guess you have figured out what is going on by now. If not, I can probably give you a few suggestions as to just why there is a huge orange tiger lying on it's back outside my windows if I think about it hard enough.

This sight was just one of those things that makes a person stop in their tracks and think about the comical aspects of this phenomenon.

No, Clemson University's mascot was not kidnapped and tortured in the making of this blog post (or at least I don't think so).

The distressed looking fellow above didn't growl or pounce. He jiggled and jangled. Not exactly what you would be used to a tiger doing. Surely someone came along after awhile to help this helpless fellow get off of his back. I know his legs were stiff. They were sticking straight up in the air all afternoon. Maybe Tony was playing charades and was acting out being a turtle that some quick rabbit knocked off of its feet. Who knows. All I know is that he is gone now. I wonder where that huge tiger went? Probably somewhere that serves cereal for breakfast.

My hubby snapped this picture with quick thinking as I was making a chocolate run (I got a huge pack of M&M's by the way). Just so you know, his favorite college football team is Clemson University.

Speaking of Clemson University, I suppose I could tell you about the time he tortured our next door neighbor with Clemson paraphernalia. You see, being in South Carolina, most people are either Carolina Gamecock fans or Clemson University fans. Some poor, confused souls are both. There are those families that are what we call, living in a "house divided". There are also those rare few that choose to stay neutral when the subject of football is discussed (yours truly included). Well, hubby's birthday was coming up and the next door neighbor heard tell of this. The next day, well...., let just say that there was a Carolina Gamecock tag that ended up on hubby's car. And as a twisted fate would have it, hubby was to drive to Clemson, SC that same day. You know the rest.....

The Hackfields and the McCoys didn't have much on those two after that.

The war was on. Our neighbor, upon coming home from work a few days later, did not see the American Flag majestically flying in his front yard. No, he saw a huge orange flag with a paw print flying majestically in his Gamecock yard. Hubby didn't stop at that. He put a smaller flag by the walkway and a paw print sticker on his front door. Our youngest then received a new Gamecock sweatsuit a few days later.

Now, things have been kind of quiet lately. I'm wondering what will happen next between those two......

So you see folks, sometimes I see some strange things outside my windows. Whether it be practical jokes being played, or in this instance, a huge, bright orange tiger lying on it's back, things are quite interesting in my part of the world. I just have to share these strange things with someone and you are lucky enough to be just that someone.

Stay tuned for part 4 of "What's Outside My Windows". Knowing the goings on around here, it is sure to be something worthy of a good laugh.


  1. Please find out what is with the jump "castles"! Is it a business who rents them and are testing them for leaks, first?!

    I'm not a sports fan, but GO CLEMSON!

    Your husbands rivalry is too funny!

  2. I'm not telling......seriously, I really don't know the answer to that question. All I know is that some strange things show up every once and awhile. I never see kids playing but I have seen quite a few adults having the time of their life amongst those strange creatures!

  3. haha And you haven't invited yourself over there to join in the fun?!

  4. These strange things appear and quickly disappear almost as fast. Not enough time to run for it...ho hum.....