Monday, December 15, 2008

Teddy Bears Everywhere!

Here are some cuties past and present from Minnie Maes. I say this because one of these sweeties has a new home and two have yet to find one of their own. For now, those two without homes, reside in distinctly different locations until they are purchased. Daisy spends her days along with Annie, Holly, and Bingo in a sealed plastic tub. Spots, on the other hand, resides atop a shelf near my computer, inside of another future project of mine. Yes, he is protected from the elements but, I can see him every day and he is a reminder to me that I need to make more teddy bears (and I also need to work on that future project that hopefully, you will hear more about one day).

You see, all of my teddy bears have a story behind them. Whether it be the fabric they are made from, or the unique name that they hold, they mean something to me and will mean something totally different to someone else one day. Life is funny that way. No one would ever assume that Annie is named after one of the very special "Maes" that I mention in my profile in my Etsy shop. True to her description, Annie was named after a real Annie. She was fearless and brave (and also wore a red toboggan hat). She loved fishing and driving tractors.
Charlie was named after a real Charlie who farmed all of his life and sold his wares to countless people throughout his county. Mae Bear was named after another very special "Mae" mentioned in my Etsy shop's profile. (In real life, Mae was Charlie's real brother)

So there you go, sometimes the simplest of objects can hold a very special meaning -in this case, Teddy Bears. As soon as you can, stop by to see the family of teddy bears that are waiting patiently for a home.

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  1. Your Teddy Bear's are such the cutest! I love all the different patterns you use for them and I especially like how they all have a story behind them and learning of that.
    They look so squish-able, too!