Thursday, January 14, 2010

The dead tree in the backyard and what it has to do with Etsy....

Yes, I'm getting slack at blogging. I like taking crazy photos but it's just been too cold to get out and do it. Today though, it managed to get above freezing for awhile so I took advantage of it and got a couple photos of some new items for Minnie Maes. (Note that both items are sitting atop a tree. Hence, the "what it has to do with Etsy mystery is solved)

This is a cute little Valentine's Day burlap bag that I created for the South Carolina Etsy Street Team's January Creative Challenge.

This is a poison tree frog that I made over a month ago. He never managed to get a name that "stuck" so I call him, "The poison tree frog from TR". (Travelers Rest that is). I took advantage of that dead tree and used it as a podium of sorts for these two new items to rest upon.

This is the view with our "dead" tree from afar. It didn't stay there long though. As I'm typing, some guys are hauling it away by using a Bobcat and a chain. Farewell, dead tree.

This is the dead part in case you were wondering. The tree died the year before last and as you can see, the center was beginning to darken and rot. It wasn't cut exactly straight but just a small section of that stump had at least 60 rings in it. I'm estimating 80-90 years old, it was. If trees could talk, imagine what that particular tree has seen in it's days!

What has this got to do with a dead tree and Etsy you say? Well, technically, nothing. I just thought it was hilarious. Roly Poly girl didn't like the meat for the tacos the other night. She developed her own "special" taco. It was comprised of veggie cheese and bananas.

Yes, I was disgusted too at the site of it then. I'm even more disgusted now. Ewwwww! She gets a hands up for creativity though!