Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Baby "Lizzie" Hat

When will things ever slow down? Those bothersome multiplication tables are causing everything at my house to come to a screeching halt some days. The only thing a mama can do is trudge on. Eventually, those times tables will be memorized and this troublesome time will end.

I feel this constant feeling of urgency in the back of my mind that something really big, and really busy, is on the horizon. Oh, yeah, the holidays are approaching! I knew I forgot something. Eeek!

Sometimes in between my Farmville addiction and checking all my "stuff" (as I call it) online, I do manage to snag a free moment or two, here and there. Recently, in my free time, I knitted up this little hat from some spare yarn that I have had for years. Leave it to me to calculate wrong and run out of enough of it to make the entire hat just, plain red. I had to throw a black stripe in there just to make it to the end.
I think it turned out pretty good considering I don't have a baby in the house and don't have any baby showers to attend anytime soon. This little hat will probably end up as my first knitted item at Minnie Maes.

I took this little photo with the assistance of Roly Poly Girl's baby doll. I learned something from this experience. NEVER, I REPEAT, NEVER forget to tell your little girl, ahead of time, that if she sees you with her doll, taking photos of it, it DOES NOT mean that I'm going to sell it on Etsy. Tears were flowing before I even turned around to see what was the matter. Oh, the lesson I learned that day.

Since that day, I announce to the entire house, when I take photos, that if you see me with any strange objects (other than sewn items), I am only borrowing them as props.

The things a mama has to do......

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  1. That's so cute! I hope Roly Poly Girl has recovered from her trauma :)