Friday, November 6, 2009

Natural "Yard Art"

Betcha' thought I'd ran away huh? Well, it's just been super busy around my place and I don't expect things to lighten up for awhile. We are hitting the school books pretty hard and that takes up all of the "play" time that I used to have. That's ok though. It's teaching me to prioritize things a little better now. I have managed to find a few minutes to post these photos of the last fleeting glimpses of warmer weather gone by. Hope you enjoy.

I promise I'll have some silly stuff coming up when I can squeeze some time in.....

The bee that allowed me to get really, really close to take this picture.......

Someone's been "munchy" on those leaves, it appears

I almost got this one focused right.

This is not poison oak. This is Virginia Creeper. People from all around the south panic when they see it and think it's poison oak. There is still cause to worry though- some people are allergic to Virginia Creeper. I wouldn't know if I was or not- I just leave it alone. It does color up to a pretty peachy shade of color though, if I may say so myself....

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