Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween, Publix Supermarket, and the Biggest Pile of Leaves I've ever Encountered....

Phew- too much has been going on around here. I'm almost worn out! I did, however, find a minute or two to share some photos again of what's went on lately.

Here is a fairy princess, Snow White, a ninja, and a Victorian princess all about to make their presence known to our unsuspecting elderly neighbors. Look out, Mr. A! They are about to invade! and invade, they did..... Afterward, I was told that Mr. A gave out the coolest chocolate eyeballs around.

I guess by now you are wondering what Publix Supermarket has to do with this Halloween escapade. Some years ago, we discovered that Publix stores let kiddos "Trick or Treat" in each department. (Floral, Pharmacy, Bakery, Deli, Produce, Meat, Service Desk, get the idea.) Guess what, they scored pretty good here. We drove to the next Publix store on our little route and they scored again. Now, how about that?

Halloween came and went. Then the leaves fell off of the trees. The kids took advantage of that opportunity. Scott, packing a leaf blower, helped the situation a little. We even had a couple of neighborhood kids come over and get lost in that pile too. The kids had this goal of making the pile as tall as the gas grill. They accomplished their goal but the leaf pile didn't stay up very long.

Even some big kids got into the act. Hey, H, got some embarrassing video of you too. You just wait- it will surface on the Internet eventually..... mwha, ha, ha......

Now, I bring you to the funniest story in this leaf journey. You know how teenagers like to talk on the phone and "text" constantly. How is this shot for showing how dedicated a teenage boy can be with his texting. What was he saying, "Hey, jumping in leaf pile- text ya' later"?

I just had to include this photo. Do you see it? The dedicated texting teenager triumphantly held his phone out of the leaves to protect it. Such determination and dedication that boy has.....

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  1. funny! that would be my son too. He's going to have carpal thumb one day.