Friday, February 12, 2010

It's snowing again!

The snow is coming down as I type. We will have quite the winter wonderland by in the morning. The kids are thrilled and I am too. I've been to the store. We don't have to go anywhere tomorrow, and the hot chocolate is in the cabinet, so, I guess we are ready for a day of fun in the snow tomorrow!

This is the first object that the snow started to pile up on, outside our front door.

It wasn't long before it started sticking on the ground and trees.

It's funny to think that these bushes were partly covered in water just a couple of days ago with our "flood". They are still "kind of" covered in water if you want to be technical.....

The snow started coming down pretty fast. I love how it looks on the Leyland Cypresses.

After dark, I let the kids play for awhile (until their hair got wet...) because they just couldn't wait any longer. It was quiet except for the snow crunching beneath every one's feet. You know, there is something familiar about that "crunch" of snow underneath your feet. I guess it reminds me of childhood. I haven't heard that "crunch" in a number of years so it was a nice treat to hear it. I know, that's weird.

I'm actually looking forward to playing in the snow tomorrow!


  1. We got 3 inches. It will be melted by afternoon. Some is already disappearing. YAY!
    It's funny...I was walking in it and the first thing I said to Emmitt was, I can feel/hear it crunching under my feet. I forgot how it did that.

  2. I measured this morning and we got 3 inches too. I can't believe you got that much on the coast! O_o

    Now come on, you have to admit- the "S" word was nice for awhile wasn't it? I'll take "S" over "I" any day!

  3. Yes, it was pretty. It did me for another 21 years, though. Which was the last time we had snow.

  4. I am passing on the Beautiful Blogger Award to you!