Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stationary Yard Critters In The Snow

We managed to get about 3 inches of snow during the quick little winter storm we had several days ago. Believe it or not, there is still some snow in the shady areas of the yard still. I grew up hearing that if snow lies on the ground for a week, another snow will come to cover it up. I've always wondered if that was true. This is the south so I'm just not sure how much merit that old saying holds. I do know that when I was little, I counted each and every day that snow was still around- just hoping that that new snow would hurry up and cover the old snow. Come to think of it, I don't think it ever worked. The snow always melted just shy of 7 days. Oh well....

Here is our favorite tree dude, Melvin. He is sticking his tongue out at the snow. He is saying, "Nah, nah, na, boo, boo, you can't bother me you, you white stuff!"

I came upon these funny little guys in the front yard. Imagine that you are a frog in the snow, holding up a basin filled with snow. Yeah, just like that. Now realize that you are nuts because you are not a frog in the snow, holding up a basin filled with snow. HA!

Poor little guy. He's cute though, with all of that snow drifted on his little nose.... kind of looks like he told a lie doesn't it?


  1. nice photos as always!

    (love those Tim Hawkins videos!)

  2. Thanks Cheryl! I can't wait until he comes around close to our area- he is hilarious!

  3. I love your tree. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I'm on the IL/WI border and we have a ton of snow. We got about 6 inches just today. I'm a bit tired of shoveling.
    I'm glad that I found your blog!

  4. Thanks SonyaAnn! I couldn't imagine that much snow. It happens so infrequently here that when it does happen, it IS a big deal!