Thursday, February 25, 2010

Are You Playing, "The Game" ?

I'm not and I never will. I guess that means that I won forever.

Let me explain......

This isn't "The Game" but various family members use the sight of it as a tool to make the other family member lose "The Game".

What is the game you say? Unfortunately, I know very well what it is. Where it came from, I do not know. I'd imagine that some teenager, somewhere thought it up. I don't have time for it (OK, you got me there, I do have the time to blog about it but that's about it.)(Ok, you got me again, I do have time to make people loose "The Game" as you will see later on).

The rules are simple: If you remember that you are playing "The Game", you lost. As long as you forget, you win. Simple enough. That's it in a nutshell.

I've caused several people to loose the game inadvertently (and I must admit, sometimes purposely) over the course of the last year. Just the other day, I was helping my oldest daughter with a word problem that simply stated that a particular ratio had to be set up with games won to games LOST. Two other kiddos as the table muttered, "Oh man, I just lost the game" under their breath. We girls just looked at each other and smiled and proceeded for several minutes to mention the word problem and how to set it up (over and over and over again....heh, heh, heh....).

Another example of how to make someone loose "The Game", is to mention that it's Tuesday night and LOST comes on. Simultaneously, you will hear the mutterings echoing through the house again, "Awe, I just lost the game...." (By the way, if you watch LOST, and play "The Game", you loose for an entire hour while the show is on.)

I've even sent Flair buttons to my son and niece on Facebook that say, "I just lost the game". I don't think they appreciated it very much. I know that when my son received his, I heard, "Ahhhhhhhhrrrrrggggggghhhh, I just lost the game again- geesh, thanks mom!" coming from the next room.

Sometimes I can mention random words or phrases like, parsley, box of chicken, John Locke, meep, or even Noah Webster, and those words will cause various outcries during the day from the two boys that are playing at my house. ( My oldest son's mind works through association- that is why those random words cause him to lose the game- How he associates those things with playing, "The Game" go figure??? The world will never know.....)

So, the moral of the story is, if you didn't know what "The Game" was, you do now. If you know someone that plays "The Game", I've probably given you some ammunition to make them loose "The Game". Anyway you look at it, it's just a game.

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