Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gardening Time Again and Our Plan- Sort Of.....

We had this brilliant idea to use an actual kit to start some seeds this year. The part that was not brilliant was that we had no idea that the seeds would sprout in 2 days (80% of them that is!!)

This is what we started with. We got it from our local Lowes store. They are little dehydrated peat disks that you water and then later plant your seeds in.

We had to soak the little disks almost all day before they "puffed" up to their normal size. We planted 2 rows of tomatoes, and one row each of the following: gourds, sunflowers, squash, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, chili pepper, bell pepper, and cucumbers.

Two days later, this is the shocking site that we saw! Uh, peat sure does sprout seeds, and fast! The bad thing is, we figured that we had a couple of weeks before these plants would need to be transplanted to (a yet undetermined location- eeek) somewhere else.

We are wanting to plant a garden at Uncle Bubba's again but due to the fire ant problem, we might even start some square foot gardens in the backyard this year. We are still debating what to do though. Regardless of what we are going to do, something needs to be decided soon as these plants are taking off! It's still a little too cold here but in a month, we should be able to get these seedlings in their permanent home.

As of today, all but the 2 types of peppers have sprouted and we've realized that we didn't plan very well already. Where am I going to keep 72 seedlings once we transplant them all into peat pots?


  1. we're planting for the first time this year... in raised beds in the backyard. we have a small FL yard but my husband was gun-ho to do it! I have a post in the making too.