Thursday, March 18, 2010

Some Easter Pretties- New At Minnie Maes

Some time ago, we had a flood that, kind of, "affected" a lot of things that we had stored in our basement. To make a long story short, I discovered a box of Easter baskets that had seen better days. I figured that there had to be some way to make a fabric basket that could be washed, folded, and stored for next year. After all, a fabric basket wouldn't take up room in the basement, gather dust, or worse yet, get flooded!

I had no idea how to make one so I started playing around with with my fabric gift bag patterns, and Eureka! I managed to figure out how to make a small basket and made a second one shortly after. Days later, I made a larger version that could hold up to 3 dozen eggs and then I set out to cover the little boy market. After all, little boys hunt eggs too and maybe they don't like girly bunnies and butterflies!

Here are the first three fabric Easter Baskets that I made. They can be found at Minnie Maes if you would like to know more about them.

Here is my "boys" or "tom girls" version.....

Be sure to visit Minnie Maes to see these baskets and lots of other goodies!

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