Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The First Sign of Spring and The Tiny Snowman

This is it. I have proof. Spring isn't far off. These daffodils rising out of the leaves is solid proof. Mind you that daffodils usually bloom in late February/early March anyway but, hey, it means that winter is on the way out. After the 60 degree temps we have this coming week, I would suppose that these little beauties will be in bloom very soon.

Could this poor, little snowman be labeled, "making do with what you have?"

The day after we discovered the daffodils coming up, the weather man actually confirmed that we were in for some wintry weather again. I think this would be the 4th (I think, could have been the 4th-1/2- I'm just not sure now- I lost count....) snow that we would get this year- very, very unusual for us. It snowed all day but didn't stick until just before dark. Can you say, "disappointed kiddos?" We made the best of it though. Even though there was a scant amount of the white stuff on the ground, we were determined to make at least one snowman this year. (All of the other previous snows had been covered with sleet or were a dry snow which made it impossible for snowman construction.)

This is the final product. This little guy took up almost all of the area's available snow in the yard but he was worth it. The kids worked together to give him some personality- (via some asphalt rocks and sticks).

This photo is what he looked like the next morning, unfortunately. His little face fell off and he lost an arm. Poor little guy.

Maybe next year we'll get to build a gigantic snowman but for now, I'm content in knowing that, we at least made do with what we had and managed to produce a tiny snowman in the end- even if he didn't stick around for very long.

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