Sunday, March 28, 2010

Photos of a freak hail storm....

View through the storm door- we couldn't open it due to the hail falling diagonally and hitting the glass.

It all started with the intense lightening striking and then it got really dark all of the sudden. Typical for summer but this is early spring. It wasn't long before we heard slight taps on the windows which quickly turned into pounding.

Most of it was about marble size with an occasional bigger one close to quarter size.

Not only did it hail, the rain poured and poured. This is what the back yard looked like after it was all over.

Quite a bit of the white stuff built up pretty quickly. Amazing. I guess you can figure what we will be studying tomorrow in school.....


  1. Hey Rosemary! Hailstorms are fascinating but living in FL always makes me nervous because of their association with tornados!

    By the way... I joined the Sportman's Paradise Online facebook fanpage and I've had a blast looking at Molly, the silly squirrel, and a bunch of these critters!!/pages/Sportsmans-Paradise-Online/55475776738?ref=ts

  2. Cheryl- so glad you are now an Owl Addict too! I missed Wesley being born by about 10 minutes :(