Friday, December 18, 2009

Handmade Sleet Balls

Yes, freezing precipitation has arrived in my neck of the woods. The public schools let out at 12:30 from what I'm told. I knew it would happen, but, I was not prepared for what would happen INSIDE my house during the winter storm. I wasn't prepared for the droves of children stomping muddy sleet prints through the kitchen and across the living room carpet while simultaneously begging for hot chocolate. I wasn't prepared for mine, and the neighborhood children, begging for hats, gloves, and coats- ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I wasn't prepared for "SLEET BALLS" being pelted at every door and window either.

Speaking of "Sleet Balls", I have personally determined that sleet balls are more evil than snow balls for sleet balls can house any number of foreign objects and mostly, MUD!

One of the many "sleet balls" I encountered on or near the front porch.

The good thing (and boy, howdy, am I lucky) the neighborhood kids all like me or else I would have been a "goner "when I stepped outside to take a few pictures. Thank goodness that they all value the hand that feeds them all!

The winter storm isn't over yet so I'm sure I'll be steam cleaning tomorrow and the next day, and the next day, and the next day- you get the picture! The main thing is, the kiddos are having fun (even though I'm overwhelmed at the impending house cleaning) and they are safe.

Hey, this is the south. Frozen stuff doesn't happen very often so we have to enjoy it while we can! The weather man is predicting snow on Christmas Eve. Can you believe that? I'll believe it when I see it. In all of my years, I've never known snow on Christmas Eve or Day. If the weather man proves himself right, things might get interesting!


  1. hahaha And my parents are up in Spartanburg right now.

    It's been raining all day, here.

    I'm so glad we have hardwood much easier to clean in case it ever does sleet or snow here. :P Plus we have a garage to take our muddy shoes off. hehe Sorry, I'm bragging. Keep that nasty stuff away from me!

  2. From what it sounds like, your parents may be stuck in Spartanburg until the thaw! The precipitation has slowed down but they expect the roads to be really nasty tonight and in the morning. At least it all happened on a weekend.

    Enjoy your warmer weather down there while you can!