Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Critters and Some Accountability

Here is the latest creation to be added to Minnie Maes. This is Ardy Stoorworm. He was born on Black Friday after his brother Rupert found a new home.
I think he has bewitching eyes.....

All the boys in the neighborhood want him for their very own too. I like him so much, I almost hate to add him to the teddy bear tub for safe keeping until he gets that new home.

This adventurous project has been long in waiting. Back in August, my cousin got married. I promised her a quilt. Guess what? I never had time to start it. Well, I have battened down the hatches and I am determined to get her a quilt done BEFORE Christmas! (2 weeks before to be exact). I had no idea as to what she liked as far as "her style" of things so I opted to play it safe and make her a Christmas quilt. She seemed very pleased to hear of that idea so, a Christmas quilt it will be!

I'm going to hold myself accountable for getting this quilt done in two weeks maximum. That's it- no more time than that. I'll be coming back to the blog here from time to time and report my progress.

This might work out pretty well for me because I get obsessive when it comes to making a quilt. I kind of, can't stop until it's done. You know, besides, eating, sleeping, teaching school, and possibly picking up here and there.

It's going to be a log cabin pattern and obviously is made up of various Christmas patterned fabrics.

Here is where it stands now: Day one- fabric was washed, dried, and ironed. Strips were cut of each fabric.
Day Two- 6 of the blocks shown in the photo above were assembled and sewn.
Day Three- 9 blocks were assembled and sewn. More strips of fabric were cut and readied for tomorrow..... (If I can assemble and sew a minimum of 6 blocks per day, I just might make my 2 week deadline to have the quilt finished!)

That brings me to a total of 15- 14" blocks. My cousin has a queen sized bed so I really have no idea how many I'm going to need. (I need to study on that one) All I do know is, that I am going to need a lot of blocks if the entire quilt will be made of blocks. If I run out of momentum and time, I might end up putting borders around each block. So, it's just too early to tell what I'll do at this point. The determining factor will be how far I can go with the cloth I purchased because some of the prints are probably gone from the stores now and I can't run to get more if needed.

I did take a couple of hours to make some extra business card holders, two check book covers, and a new wallet (that still needs a snap- that pesky snap assembly I had, has hidden itself from me!) None of these items are available in my Etsy shop yet- I just can't find the time to photograph them, let alone get them listed. Maybe soon.

The blue flame fabric that Ardy the dragon is made from, gave the impression that a poison dart frog would look nice made from it. Well, here is the poison dart frog. I haven't named him yet but he will have a new name soon if and when I decide to list him at Minnie Maes.

So there you have it- some serious sewing is going on. Stay tuned for updates on the quilt. I'm hoping that holding myself accountable on this blog, will give me inspiration to keep going.

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