Monday, December 7, 2009

Quilt Update #5 and a sick Moe Moe

Awhile back, I introduced you to our goldfish, Moe Moe. Well, Moe Moe took a turn for the worse Sunday morning which prompted us to rush out to Petsmart and get him "doctored up". The good news is that Moe Moe has made a full recovery from, what I think is called, "dropsy"? Let's just say that the poor guy was lying on his tummy on the bottom of the tank.

We took drastic measures and totally cleaned his tank out (finally threw those pesky, pink rocks out) and now he is happy and swimming again. Apparently, there was a lot of nitrates under those rocks (even though we couldn't see any "nastiness") and they were suffocating our poor, beloved fish. You should have seen the scene Sunday morning, two girlies at our house were hysterical (thus the urgent Petsmart visit).

All is well but the massive tank cleaning (and the Christmas parade) made me put off any quilting until today.

I am happy to announce that the blocks are sewn together, the top and bottom are sandwiching the batting and I have machine quilted a total of 7 blocks. I have (I think), 27 more to go. It's not fun pulling a queen sized quilt through the arm of the sewing machine, over and over, and over again. It might take me a few days but at least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I simply can not wait to give it to my cousin and her husband by next week. I, basically, bit off more than I could chew in such a short time frame. Let's just say that I'm not making any quilts anytime soon- I'm pretty much burned out.

Hopefully, the next time I report back, I'll have some photos of my progress but since I've been doing most of the sewing at night (and all pictures that I take at night are awful), I promise I'll post some as soon as I can.

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  1. Hey Rosemary!

    Looking forward to seeing the quilt! That was a nice thing to do. I haven't tried quilting a queen size but know how hard it is to take a lap size through my machine! Glad Moe Moe is going to be okay.