Thursday, December 10, 2009

Quilt Update #6

I lost count on the exact amount of days that I have been working on the quilt for my cousin and her husband but I'm guessing that I started on November 30th. That would account for the day I washed the fabrics and ironed them. Maybe....

Anyway, I have a total of 12 blocks left to quilt. It's been a long, hard road with a total of 34 in all. I've discovered that I hate the process of quilting. Not assembling a quilt, the quilting part. Why, I hate quilting so much, my sister in law had to quilt the wall quilt I made that hangs on my kitchen wall. (I guess she got tired of seeing it "un-quilted" and offered to quilt it!) Anyway, back to the story at hand... She wasn't around when I started this project or else I would have paid her to quilt this one!

This is what one quilted block looks like so far. Sorry the picture isn't great- there wasn't a lot of light when I snapped this photo.

I do not have a quilting frame (the old timey one in the storage shed doesn't count- it covers an entire room and I have no idea as to how to assemble it in the first place!). I went the "making do" route and used gobs of large safety pins to hold everything "taught" while machine quilting. Thank goodness for huge safety pins!

Here is what the quilt is sizing up to look like so far. I think it turned out pretty nicely considering I only have 2 or 3 more days to finish- that is, to keep up with my 2 week limit I gave myself. My cousin said she has a sleigh bed and her favorite colors are red, burgundy, and gold. I got all of those colors covered and I think that it would look awesome on a sleigh bed, so I hope she will be pleased. We'll just have to see if I can muster up enough strength to lug this monster through the machine for 12 more squares. I managed to finish 6 yesterday so if I can do 6 today, 6 tomorrow, I can put the binding on and Voila! That's the plan at least.

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