Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Their's, MINE, and Ours- Christmas At Grandma's House

We had a good time at grandma and papa's house. At some point, there are two young folks that can bet their bottom dollar that embarrassing photos will show up on the internet of them. Oh, wait, why not start today? Hee, hee, hee......

This is the best photo that my camera took on Christmas Eve. The rest, I think, had a finger print on the lens and the ISO was changed behind my back. (What is ISO anyway?)

Here is an empty plate. I think it had previously been full of grandma's homemade pineapple cake. You reckon' it was good or something?

My father in law has a sense of humor if you didn't already know. All of the cups were labeled with every one's names so there would be no wasting. He got the job of labeling the cups this year. He labeled his own- while displaying his sense of humor. I think we all will never forget, that if we come across a cup that simply says, MINE. It belongs to my father in law.

This is the last minute gift making that I did on Christmas Eve between the festivities. It is a scarf for my niece's fiance, Gray Lee (that's his nick name folks). I think he likes gray but maybe brown would do this one time.

At any given time in the kitchen, these two could be found hugging Dr.Pepper bottles. I caught them in the act here. Hmmm, I bet this photo might turn up on Facebook some time soon......

In addition to drawing names, we each brought gag gifts to open this year. I just had to snap this photo of what Uncle Phillip received. In case you are wondering, I played the safe route and gave a nicely wrapped box with a dead battery in it. Inside was a note that said, "Toy not Included". Next year, I'm planning on making some kind of kit to take with you into nasty gas station bathrooms- hand sanitizer, toilet paper, seat cover, cross word puzzle, newspaper- you get the picture. It's all going to be in it's own handy, dandy tote. I'm sure that will be another story in it's self!

Once we opened gifts, these two were caught enjoying their gifts. Notice the guy on the right- he is busy counting and planning an assault on the nearest department store the day after Christmas.

At one point, I looked down from my frantic knitting, and saw these two characters at my feet. I think they are Wicket and Yoda. They are in a heavy discussion- that or a fight with a stick and a light saber.

The Dr. Pepper twins were at it again during the gift opening. Those two cousins have done some crazy things throughout the years. I guess we can just add the coveting of the Dr. Peppers as another one of those crazy things.

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