Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Know Someone That Should Be On Etsy........

Walking Stick

I have a pretty good father in law. He likes to tell jokes a lot. As a matter of fact, on any given day, you might hear him say something to this effect: "What do you call a deer with no eyes?"- "No Eye Deer". Or, you might hear him say this one: "What do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs?" - "Still No Eye Deer".

I know, I know, he didn't make up those but he often gets a laugh wherever he goes. Beware if you work for a soft drink company and are stocking your wares in any store when he walks by. He has been known to ask the Pepsi guy when the Coca Cola shipment is due in or vice versa. That in itself isn't all that funny but he acts so completely sincere in his questions and the soft drink guy shakes his head and thinks about how dumb people are in this part of South Carolina. The exact effect he was aiming at.

Imagine what people once thought when he stood with his hand on one hip, a finger tapping his cheek, a very puzzled look on his face, and stood leaning back with a very confused look on his face and looked at something (which just happened to be the color blue) on the store shelf. He shook his head in agreement to his thoughts and stated, "Yep, that there is blue". Then he walked off. See, I told you he tries to make people think that people in our fare city are dumb. If those shocked people standing there staring at the blue item on the shelf, (shaking their head in disbelief at what just happened in front of their eyes,) only listened carefully, they would have heard my father in law on the next isle, giggling. (My mother in law, by the way, could have been heard knocking him over the head with her purse.)

You get the picture. My father in law doesn't spend all of his time joking around. He has a little hobby. He can see hidden faces in wood. He tends to carve out those faces pretty fast too. Hubby and I have told him that he needs to put a few up for sale but he is just not completely warmed up to the idea.

I was hoping that this little blog post would give him some inspiration to start an Etsy shop. Maybe seeing some of his stuff on the Internet would give him the little nudge he needs......

Dude that looks like Willie Nelson

As with any grandpa, he has inspired the younger generation to pick up a stick and carve out the person trapped inside it.

This is my son's first attempt at carving his own walking stick. (He does plan on opening a shop, by the way).

Who knows, maybe before long, there will be another Etsian on the never ending list. All I know is that my father in law is talented and I think people should know it.


  1. I can empathize with "crazy" father-in-law's". Mine has a joke to tell every time I see him. It makes me groan and roll my eyes. He was born and raised in the South in you have to have a sense of humor just because of that.

    My husband makes walking sticks. He doesn't carve them. At least not to create images in them. He does try woodburning at times.

    Good luck to your son in opening his Etsy shop and hopefully that, along with this post will get your father-in-law to take the leap, as well.

  2. These are beautiful. He really should open an etsy shop. But I bet he would have troble parting with any of them.

  3. I agree Rosemary... he needs to put that beautiful work on etsy. Your son it pretty darn good too. Maybe they should open a grandpa and grandson shop. Let us know.....

  4. wow... they should open an etsy shop together. Beautiful work...

  5. He sounds like a hoot! What a fun FIL to have!

    Aside from his awesome personality, he is very talented. Definitely keep it up!

  6. That is really wonderful! I agree - he should open a shop for sure!