Sunday, January 25, 2009

So What's Your Crafting Addiction?

Here are the four objects I use the most. (I've entered every pin cushion giveaway that I come across and have yet to win one. For now, my sorry tomato will just have to do.....)

Everyone I know has their own little craft that they love. Crafting of anything gives a person a sense of accomplishment and lets one's mind steer off into another direction away from the stress of the day. Don't you agree?

I like to sew amongst other things. My favorite thing to sew is a quilt. Time, however, is usually against me when it comes to quilting. There are only 27 - 30 hours in a day -for a mother- right?

I learned to sew on a machine (and by hand) back in middle school in a home economics class and later in high school. Thank you Mrs. Huecker and Mrs. Renner where ever you two are.

My grandmother made quilts for all of her grand children and we all thought that having one of grandma's quilts was one of the greatest things that could possibly happen to a kid (OK, I did- I don't know how everybody else felt about it). I started making quilts for my kids a few years ago and I have promised to make one for each member of my family. Other than my kids, only my brother has received his quilt. I'll get to the others eventually, I hope.

I lack a great deal of patience when it comes to quilting however. My sister in law can hand quilt all day long and it doesn't faze her a bit. Me, I panic and then avoid the situation all together. As a matter of fact, the wall hanging I made in my kitchen was pieced by me (with the machine no doubt) and my sister in law graciously asked if she could hand quilt it (probably because she knew I would never quilt it by hand). You know already what my answer was! Hand sewing doesn't scare me really. I just can't sit for hours concentrating on one thing. I have to move around, I have to cook, I have to cook, I have to cook....oh, sorry- cooking is what my kids just think I should be doing all of the time- not sewing.

So there you have it. I sew (on a machine 99% of the time). Give me my sorry tomato pin cushion, my scary rotary cutter, the most awesome pair of scissors on the face of the earth, and my old trusty Kenmore any day. So, what are you addicted to?

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