Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thinking of Spring

May it rain on your garden this summer

Last year, my brother planted a garden. We hung around his place a lot last summer. No, not for the produce. We were bushhogging (on and off) and digging around in our storage container. It is funny, we still didn't get the field completely bushhogged. (is "bushhogging" just a southern term?) Anyway, we had a lot of picnics, ate all kinds of berries and nuts, put some major milage on the go-cart, and watched the building of the outhouse. (I'll let you know more about the outhouse another day- it is quite a story)

He (my brother) came by the other day and mentioned gardening. It got me thinking about planting one and what in the world we would need to plant the most of. Farming is in our blood you see. Most of my ancestors were farmers like a lot of people's ancestors from the part of our world. Sometimes, the sight of a seed catalog makes the pulse race and unfortunately, the pocket book shrink. My brother (or Uncle Bubba as he is frequently called), already has a plan as to what seeds he is going to purchase. He asked what we wanted to plant and he would order it with his. I stood there with that "deer and car light" look. I had not thought about it but it is time to do it.

I guess I'll be spending some spare time figuring out what we use the most and go with that. I have to be practical and think ahead to the end of the summer- you know, harvest time. Harvest time makes me very, very nervous. Why do I get nervous at the thought of harvesting goodies? Hence the picture you will now see:

Fire Ants! They are evil. They want to hang around in the pea patch and bite your fingers as you pick each pod. They like to hover under each corn shuck as you pluck it from the stalk. Biting unsuspecting feet, ankles, fingers, and whatever else they can get to is their ambition in life when they infest your garden spot. They are the reason harvest time makes me nervous.

Now that I have my complaining over with, back to the point. I have to think ahead and not plant to many fire ant inducing vegetables. So far, I know they love corn and clay peas. Hummmmm, what to plant? A better question: How do you run fire ants out of the garden?

......Stay tuned as I plan to bring you some hilarity from the garden as spring and summer arrive......

If you haven't noticed it by now, if you scroll down to the very bottom of this blog, you will see a cute little YouTube box. Click to start it and you will see a little "diddy" about fire ants.

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  1. Yay! You mentioned Spring. Thank you!
    And mosquito's are our worst enemy. Then ants and the darn mole that live in our yard.