Sunday, January 18, 2009

Look What's New at Minnie Mae's Etsy Shop....

Leave it to my hubby to come up with something totally out of the blue that is associated with his favorite obsession; computers. As you see above, we just listed this awesome desk clock made from a crackled cd. It is a quartz analog with....get this....a snooze button. Gotta love a snooze button, huh? He has plenty more that he is cranking out but we wanted to see what people thought before he went totally wild.

Here it is standing up. He strategically placed a blue granite stone behind the clock to give it stability or "stand- up ability". Can you guess how hard it is to photograph a shiny surface like this? You don't want to know how many pictures were taken to get these two shots!

If you are interested in purchasing one of these clocks, go here. If not, go here anyway (pretty please).

I have a feeling that he has caught the Etsy bug so stay tuned....


  1. My husband and I both like the clock we think it's neat. We also checked out the cat paper weights. You could tag the clock as recycled since the cd is a cracked cd so many people are into going green.

  2. I bet that flies pretty well when that alarm starts going off!

  3. Thanks guys!

    Nascarnana, I almost did tag it recycled. Since you said something about it, I'll go back and do that.

    CurlyFry, hee hee. It would sail quite nicely across the room wouldn't it?

  4. to add to what Hazel suggested, tag it as "upcycled" as well.