Monday, January 19, 2009

A Rare Occurrence in Our Neck of the Woods

If you look really, really, really, really, close, you can see what I saw on Sunday, January 18th, 2009 (I must record that exact date in case we never see this sort of thing again). I would imagine the weather man was celebrating -as for once, because he got it right. The sad part is, the kids had hoped he got it wrong. Trusty old weather man said that we would get snow flurries. That is exactly what we got. Trusty old weather man said it wouldn't last long. He was right. Trusty old weather man said it would turn to rain. He was right again. (Boo hoo). Hey, it was the weekend. A little snow in the south wouldn't be too bad a thing would it?

This is all it amounted to. A dusting....... (boo hoo). I do know of a few kids that made the best of it. A few flakes landed on a tongue or two. There was that big bike accident (sorry there are no pictures). I know a young boy that discovered that if you ride across snow covered gravel on a bicycle and slam on brakes, you wreck (and you ruin a good pair of pants in the process).

The snow came and went (boo hoo again). It's amazing how much excitement snow can cause around these parts.

For those of you that see snow all of the time, it was a big deal that South Carolina got to see the white stuff. Usually, we are blessed with freezing rain and power outages that last way longer than they should (don't get me started on this one).

I guess I'm happy for the hour long flurries (maybe it wasn't even that long). At least we don't forget what snow looks like when we get to see it every once and awhile.


  1. Im in Chicago right now! We have about 5 inches of snow on the ground right now!

  2. Really? You celebrated? That's just disgusting!
    It's not supposed to snow in the South and I'm okay with that!

    Come on Spring! I'm ready for you. 59 days, baby! I'm counting on you Ground Hog!