Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's Outside My Windows.... (Part 4)

Just who is this mysterious cheerleader anyway?

It's been awhile since I seen something "strange" outside my windows. I even had someone say that they were looking forward to my next installment of "What's outside my windows". I was wondering when I would see something outside my windows that was worthwhile to show everyone.

Well, CurlyFry, here you go. I looked outside this morning and what did I see? This mysterious cheerleader that chose not to show her face- is what I seen.

What can we speculate from this scene? Well, first off, she looks like an animal. Maybe even a party animal. She is probably related to Shrek Hopefully, if you haven't been living under a rock for the past few years, you know who Shrek is. There is nothing wrong with being related to an ogre. After all, princesses marry ogres.

We can also tell that she uses way too much hairspray! I mean, who has hair that stays right in place like that? Certainly not me, that is for sure.

She probably feels great patriotism for her country. Note the red, white, and blue on her shirt. We could also interpret the stars as reminiscent of the fourth of July. Hey, wait, isn't this January? What's going on? Is she confused and dazed. You know how cheerleaders can fall from those huge pyramids they do. She might have fell and hit her head......

The last thing I notice is that she has her back to me. Is she avoiding me? Doesn't she like attention? But wait....... she has a rather large object protruding from her face....could that be......a huge yellow nose? That explains it, she is self conscious. She has a big honker. Now we know. Poor thing, she shouldn't be ashamed that her nose is big (and yellow).

Maybe if I introduce myself to her, she will turn around and let me see her face. Hey, if we become friends, who knows, I might get to meet her cousin Shrek..... That would be way more cool that looking outside my windows!

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  1. Thanks! I ask and I shall receive. So I guess I'm talking to you, again. hehe

    It looks like the Philly Fanatic but he has a green nose. Maybe it's his girlfriend?!