Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Story of Moe Moe

Moe Moe (sometime around 2006)

Moe Moe (present day and time)
pay no attention to the reflection of the photographer...

I know what you are thinking. What am I up to now? Well, I wanted to share with you, the story of Moe Moe. You see, Moe Moe has been feeling under the weather for the past couple of days. I wanted to pay tribute to him for hanging tough for the past few years. (Not to worry, he is on the mend now and doing quite "swimmingly").

Moe Moe
started his life in an unknown place to me. I don't know where goldfish come from. (Eggs of course- but you know what I mean.) All I do know, is that this particular fish came from Walmart. Yes, he came from Walmart. He was cheap and cute. Moe Moe came home along with three other siblings one fine summer day. The next morning, two of his buddies had - lets just say, they didn't make it. Later that day, the last of his three buddies had joined the previous two. So, Moe Moe was alone. All alone to swim in and out of the fake log and fake flowers in his 5 gallon tank. (At the time the first picture was taken, Moe Moe had grown considerably but earlier that summer, he did fit into that log in the first photo).

Life was easy for Moe Moe. He had, in just a couple of days, been rescued from Walmart, got a new aquarium, made (and lost) some friends, and was getting all kinds of tank tapping entertainment from the human kids in his new family. Not to mention, he was getting fed way more than he had at WallyWorld. He even had this super cool log that he got to hide in and make the humans think he had died and was swallowed up in the filter.

Moe Moe obtained his name based on the Nickelodeon cartoon, "Avatar". If you don't know anything about Avatar, you can go here or here for your education. In the cartoon, Moe Moe is a lemur. Why is a goldfish named after a lemur? Don't ask me- the kids did it. (By the way, Moe Moe's late siblings were called, Aang, Sokka, and Katara- after the main characters from Avatar in case you were wondering).

Moe Moe has done some traveling his lifetime- apart from Walmart. He even stayed with grandma and papa for a short time. Just a couple of months ago, he even got a brand spanking new 10 gallon aquarium. He can't fit a single fin into his old log but we kept it in just because he likes to kiss it a lot.

In case you are wondering, Moe Moe is, in actuality, a goldfish. Ok, a type of goldfish to be correct. Officially, he is called a black moor. Go here to start your education on black moors.

Well, that is the background information that you need to know about Moe Moe. Now the sad story will begin.

Moe Moe has a cousin named Jake. Jake is a Labrador retriever and lives with his mommy, Aunt Nee Nee. Bare with me here, I promise this will all make sense in the end..... Jake listens to grandma on the telephone. He knows who she is and wags his tail and looks around when he hears her voice.

You see, Moe Moe is a jealous fish. We now know that. Moe Moe overheard some of his human family discussing the hilarious fact that Jack the dog likes to talk to grandma on the phone. Guess what Moe Moe up and did? He played "possum". He started moping around in the bottom of his tank. Slowly floating sideways along the bottom of his tank. Not wanting a bite to eat and almost giving the appearance of a "hummmmmp" expression.

I am the primary care giver of Moe Moe so I was immediately worried. I did all the necessary things aquarium wise that need to be done (changed the filter, added some electrolytes, etc).

Moe Moe still moped all day. He is usually an active fish and I was worried that he might be nearing the end of his life. After all, we have had him for 3 years.

Late last night, I tried some psychology on the fish. Standing in hearing distance of Moe Moe's tank, I just mentioned the fact that I knew why he was acting sickly and I would let him talk to grandma the next time she called. Guess what? This morning, I awoke to the happiest, swimmiest, goldfish that I had seen in a long time. He experienced a full recovery- just over night. See, he was jealous. He wanted to talk to grandma. Wonder what grandma is going to say about all of this?

The million dollar question is, will Jake fake an illness to get more attention from grandma if he hears about what Moe Moe did?

Aunt Nee Nee, you had better not mention a word of this......

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