Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Boo Boo Tator"

"Boo Boo Tator"

A Different Version of "Boo Boo Tator"
(Although washable marker color is not recommended)

I realized that I haven't gotten very "crafty" lately and there hasn't exactly been anything exciting "Outside my Windows" either. Maybe I have exhausted every last ounce of anything that resembled creativity. Maybe I can't seem to figure out my camera and it's "particulars". Maybe I'm going through an early mid-life crisis. Who knows.

I did have that great idea to do a mini meatloaf cook along but after looking at the pictures of raw hamburger meat- let's just say that the idea of a meatloaf cook along was a bad idea. I decided to spare everyone the nasty looking photos. (I just had a cold chill just thinking about it).

Ok, so I haven't been crafty but one of my kids has. My son has created what he calls, "Boo Boo tator". Boo Boo Tator was born from the question, "What happens when you put a potato in the freezer"? The answer, it freezes. Well, this quick thinking mom got to use my son's creation fairly soon after Boo Boo Tator was completely frozen. That creative son that I was speaking of, you see, he ran through a room and bumped his foot (or was it elbow?) and was crying hysterically. Well, it just so happened that I was standing at the open freezer and spied the frozen spud.

"Here," I said. "Put Boo Boo Tator on your boo boo". Guess what happened after that? My boy stopped crying immediately and giggled. There must have been some magic in that old spud. The boo boo was forgotten.

A few nights later, I had came down with a horrendous sinus condition. I blew my nose a little too hard and you can guess what happened next. My quick thinking hubby ran to the freezer and instead of grabbing some ice, he grabbed boo boo tator and wrapped him in a wash cloth. It was 10 minutes later when my nosebleed had stopped that I realized that there was a frozen potato on my nose. (Don't worry, the boo boo tator I used was thrown away immediately- I secretly replaced it with another so my son wouldn't know)(Aren't I sneaky?). Twice in one week, a "boo boo tator had saved the day.

So folks, A Boo Boo Tator is the simplest and easiest of all home made crafts that I could come up with to share with you this week. Now take this knowledge and go freeze a spud.


  1. Great post! The boo boo tator sounds like a fun idea.

  2. Hello! I read your fire ant problem in the comment section over at Team Bettendorf. One way to combat ants which we found to work is, let them wipe each other out.
    Safely scoop a shovelful of ants out of one pile and throw on top of another disturbed ant pile--they will fight to the death literally.
    Something else is boiling water, pour on the ant pile and they die a hot death.


  3. Thank you so much Christina! I really appreciate any information that I can get about fire ants. I would have never thought to let them kill out each other that way.