Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Raffi's Boo Boo Repair

This is "Raffi"

Raffi is a favorite critter of a small boy at our house. He came from some claw machine somewhere back in time. The exact location, none of us can remember. Who knew that one day, Raffi would count as "home school".

Last night, Raffi was brought to my sewing table with the hopes that I could repair him fairly quickly. He had a triangle shaped "boo boo" somewhere on his hip. The small boy at my house (that is well known in these parts, for his impatience), grew tired of the wait and decided that he needed a needle. "Why are you looking for needles?" I asked. "I'm going to fix Raffi" the boy replied.

This is the beauty of home school folks! Now, we do follow a set curriculum but as life deals it's little questions, we can stop what we are doing and investigate. Well, today, investigation just happened to be in the eyes of an eight year old boy, to be the day to learn to repair a "boo boo" on a stuffed animal. I am a firm believer that boys and men should be able to sew on a button and repair little rips. This doesn't make them "sissy", it just means they are well prepared for little sewing disasters that may occur in life. It's not like I'm making them sit down at the sewing machine and sew a frilly apron or something....

A spectacular "first" sewing job

Well, here it is, that little 8 year old boy's first sewing job. I say, it is a super first try.

(And it counts as school too.)


  1. He did a great job! (I don't even think I could have done as well.)

    ♥ xtine

  2. Maybe he can teach me how to sew! LOL