Friday, February 20, 2009

A Little Something New at Minnie Maes (and I do mean "little")

My prototype
(yes, I was too lazy to take the red thread out of the machine but it worked anyway....)

Card Holder #5

Card Holder #6

I get bored easily and because of that little fact, I often try making new things for my Etsy shop: Minnie Maes. Lately, the idea popped up into my head to try and make some fabric business card holders. I had no idea what size that they needed to be and how to close them. (Velcro doesn't get along with me- so Velcro was not an option in my eyes).

Eventually, I ran across a small packet of pearlized snap closures (assembled nearby in Spartanburg - believe it or not) and I bought those little guys right on the spot. I searched on Etsy to see what other people were charging and I was rather shocked at how expensive card holders were! "Hee, Hee, Hee", I said to myself. I knew that I could produce the same product at much lower prices. (I'm a bargain hunter- especially lately and I figured there are hundreds of others that are the same).

One thing led to another and I made my first fabric business card holder. It was made out of some spare "Love" fabric that was left over from making a grocery bag. Since I didn't know what size to make, it ended up being about two or three inches too wide and deep. It was a learning experience and now, I have this over sized card holder in my own purse- holding my cards.

The other two pictures above are two of the 6 holders that I made for my shop. I finally figured out the size requirements and have my measurements written down (for once- I usually file things in my head but always forget them anyway).

So, there you have it. The newest items listed in Minnie Maes. Who knows what I'll be sewing up next! Now, if I could only figure out something to sew for men........