Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ordering Vegetable Seeds

The 2009 R.H. Shumway's Illustrated Garden Guide (otherwise known as the place where I just spent all of my spare money)

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about gardening, or at least about our plan to garden this year. Since we eat a lot of vegetables around here, I figure that growing our own will save some much needed cash this year. I'm all about saving some money nowadays!

I have been patiently watching my spare money account until the needed amount was reached and as of this morning and thanks to my Etsy shop, I was able to order our seeds! (Well, the bulk of them anyway.)

I feel that preserving the original aspects of seeds is important. There are so many hybridized varieties out there today that were bred for long shelf lives, easier growing, etc, but I am just partial to the "old timey" types of things. I tried to order as many "heirloom" varieties of seeds as possible. I also wanted to be able to save some seeds from our crops this year, for next year. See- money well spent this year. If I do it right, I will not have to purchase many seeds at all next year. (Mental Note: Read up on seed saving.....)

In order to keep a sort of "picture" diary, I'm going to post what we are going to "try" and grow this year. There will be a few more things I'll add later, but money only goes so far!

Here is what I ordered this morning from RH Shumways:

Homestead Tomatoes, Dwarf Kentucky Wonder Bush Beans, Kentucky Wonder Wax Pole Beans, Pinto Beans, Early Wakefield Cabbage, Scarlet Nantes Carrots, Blue Dent Corn, Boston Pickling Cucumbers, Butter crunch Lettuce, Spanish Peanuts, Little Marvel Peas, Early Golden Squash, and Fingerling Salad Potato.

Can you tell I'm excited?

I'm still scared of fire ants. I'm just not going to think about it right now. ((((cold chill))))

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