Friday, February 13, 2009

I Have A Guest Writer Today in Honor Of Friday the 13th.....

The Basket of Friendship- symbolizing how friends help carry each other through life

The Cross- symbolizes faith

The beginning of insanity- (by the hand of the apprentice)

Finished- The product of insanity- monkey with his tail in his mouth- symbolizing always keeping a smile (by the hand of the master)

Remember that bored teenager that I told you about here. That bored teenager's favorite day (besides Christmas) is Friday the 13th. We aren't superstitious around here but he has noticed that on Friday the 13th, when everyone else has bad luck, he has good luck. Go figure?

Well, he has some Internet friends that have been requesting to see some of his carvings. Since that bored teenager doesn't have a blog yet, I am letting him step in here and have a go at it. (
forgive me please......) Naaaahhh, I'm just "Joshing".

So, without further adieu, here is Maverick (name has been changed to protect the innocent). His friends will know who he is.....

*Bows* Greetings Cyberspace! (Specifically that of gaiaonline, lol) Yes 'tis I Maverick, as stated above due to the fact that you all wish to see my master carvings (nah, my papa is the master carver...I'm barely an apprentice, lol) I have persuaded my mother to post a few pictures of my carvings. (What I carved them from, I will keep a secret, lol) Yes, I do say lol frequently to answer your question. (Scary how I know just what you were thinking huh?) No I am not physic...I am just an exceptionally good guesser. (How am I such a good guesser? Why are you asking me!? You should be asking God that question not me! I am just good at guessing, I don't know everything! lol) Yes, I have wasted many a minute that should not have been wasted with my strange ramblings....wait...*thinks for a second*..Hey! I am the guest writer! I can ramble all I want. lol Albeit I have wasted many sentences with my odd ramblings....*shakes head to clear thoughts*....enough of the ramblings! Back to more intelligent conversing!

I spent many hours sweating and bleeding (mostly bleeding, as the numerous scars on my thumbs show) preparing and perfecting these carvings. They may not be perfect, indeed far from it; but theses carvings are the product of an eye for detail and a love of art. I pray that you all like my carvings and will wish to buy a few from me when I open my store in the near future. Alas, I must go (my mother said I was only to say hi, not write an entire book of comments on here, lol), fare thee well all, and until we meet again. *bows*


There you have it folks, my guest writer today on his lucky day. Yes, he rambles and yes, his favorite word is "lol" (I think he does spend too much time online now that I think about it.....). Just be glad he forgot to say his other little favorite word "excelsior" a million times. Could all of these strange ways be a result of reading too many medieval books and having a mother with a weird sense of humor? You be the judge.....


  1. The kid sounds just like you! Now, to him, that's probably scary...on Friday the 13th! Now it shall be his unlucky day?

    Can't wait to see the carvings in his new shop sans the blood, please.

  2. The carvings are beautiful. I especially like the monkey.