Thursday, February 26, 2009

Woo Hoo, My Seeds Are Finally Here- well, at least part of them anyway....

My heirloom seed packets

The Freebies that I received
(most are not heirloom seeds...hmmm...)

The other day, we managed to finally get to the post office to check the mail. As it turned out, it kind of felt like Christmas when my hubby returned to the car carrying an armful of packages. Amongst those packages were two Etsy related goodies and my vegetable seeds! Some seeds are on back order and will hopefully come when I need them. I would imagine that peanut seeds are kind of in demand at the moment so that explains one back order delay. My potatoes will be coming later in March as they are not shipped out to my zone until then.

My kids are working on starting their own Etsy shop soon and they are going to be working on some little goodies to put in that store. Their package came that had the materials in it to get started. (More on their little venture- to come when I finally get their banner uploaded) (wish me luck....).

I even got my bracelet that I won in a blog giveaway. My intentions were to give it to my niece but my oldest daughter very meekly hinted that she loved it. This softy mom couldn't resist bringing joy to her angel.

Well, I know that you are probably not excited that my seeds came, but I am! I have a feeling that between garden planting, the great impending fire ant war, and Uncle Bubba's outhouse, things are going to get mighty interesting this summer.

Stay tuned to some hilarity in the garden in the next coming months...... I can feel it coming.......

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