Thursday, February 19, 2009

What Does A Frisbee, A Pecan, A Lot of SweetGum Seeds, and A Dandelion Bloom Have in Common?

A four year old's treasures

Life gets way too hectic sometimes. This afternoon however, I took some time to slow down and discover something that my four year old already knew. You see, she knows that there are beautiful treasures all around us. We just have to slow down and look. I forget that sometimes. I think that God uses our little ones to remind us of the beauty around us when we forget.

This afternoon in particular, my little one (don't tell her I called her a little one- she would be "powerful" angry at being called "little") and I ventured outside. It was quite chilly and this winter, I have seemed to grow into a sort of house hermit so it took some urging to get me to grab a coat and go out the door.

I watched her play her make believe games (you know, the princess types of games in particular- the one's most four year old girls play) and she soon wanted me to join in. It was at this point in time that we started throwing a Frisbee around.

Suddenly, "Look, it's a Katamari seed" my little one cried. (Now those of you that are familiar with video games are probably cracking up at this point- careful that you don't spew your drink onto your computer). If you don't know what Katamari is, you can see it here.

The video game, "I Love Katamari" makes no sense to me either but in this case, it was a familiar in a little one's world.

The Frisbee quickly turned into a vessel to hold precious "Katamari" seeds (or sweet gum balls as we call them in the south). One "Katamari" led to another and before I knew it, she had an entire Frisbee full. Upon careful inspection, she had even noticed a single blooming dandelion blossom, a rogue pecan, and some shriveled up weird pieces of tree bark. Any home school mom would beam with pride, as I did at that moment. She was discovering her world and learning to look closer at things. We need more moments like that.

Where those sweet gum "Katamari" seeds came from, I will never know as there are no sweet gum trees anywhere near our house, but I am grateful for them. A little one expanded her world and reminded me that there is more outside than just cold air - simply because of some stray "Katamari" seeds.

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  1. Those treasures are so special. My son used to bring me leaves and rocks mostly. I still have some around in my kitchen form when he was little, and he's 19 now.