Monday, February 9, 2009

Procrastination is Contagious

"Dude Named Mickey"

So, what does a bored teenager do while he listens to his teacher discussing American Literature and he wants to be doing something else- somewhere else? A better question would be, what does a bored teenager do when his little sister leaves her Play Dough all over the kitchen table? The dude named Mickey is the answer to those questions.

"Moby Dick"

So what does a bored teenager, that has a hold of his little sister's Play Dough, do when his American Literature teacher is discussing Moby Dick? The Play Dough version of Moby Dick shown above, is the result.

So where are the other kids while all of this creative "art" is going on? They are outside enjoying the temperatures in the 70's. And their mom is playing with the black and white settings on the camera.

So why is the mom outside, (enjoying the warm weather) and playing with the camera?

The obvious answer is that she is trying to avoid the clutter inside the house!


  1. That setting would be called "sepia". With the reddish tone.

  2. See, I told you I didn't know anything about my camera!