Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Backyard Critter Out To Get Me.....

It all started when I decided to move the cold frames back into the basement. After all, Miss Slug was not going to let me grow anything else this year. I picked up the wooden frame and noticed something "orange". That something orange had black polka dots too. I lifted an eye brow and proceeded with caution.

This little varmint is what showed himself after I lifted the plastic. Since the Roly Poly girl was with me, she immediately named him, "Bob". Just to let you know, any critter she finds is immediately named, "Bob". It's just her little joke since she watched, "Monsters Vs. Aliens".

Bob started slithering, walking, meandering, (whatever you want to call it), towards me. Ok, I'm not afraid of salamanders but they remind me of snakes (and I am afraid of snakes) so, I was a little nervous. "Bob" decided that he was getting kind of dried out and turned around and went back to the flower planter to hide....(thank goodness). You may not be able to tell in the picture, but at the end of the leaf that "Bob" is walking on, there is Miss Slug. I'm afraid that Miss Slug was about to meet her maker had "Bob" proceeded any further. That wouldn't have been pretty to Roly Poly girl for sure. All in all, things worked out. Miss Slug got to live another day to eat someone else's sunflower plants, "Bob" had to find a new house (in this case, under my flower planter- thank you very much), and Roly Poly girl had the time of her life watching all of this unfold.

I, on the other hand, am still creeped out by it all......
I'm such a wimp.....


  1. Last weekend, Emmitt told me there was a skink in the garage and he tried to get him out but then it came into the laundry room so I, of course, didn't do any laundry that day but finally, at the end of the day, it made its way out the back door of the garage. Ewww!

  2. Glad I'm not the only one creeped out by critters!