Monday, July 6, 2009


If you follow my blog, recently I let you all know about "Bob" the salamander. My little one is obsessed with calling any critter that she sees, "Bob". Well, her little joke carried on when we went on a day trip to a park recently. Guess what? There were "Bobs" everywhere we looked. Bob at the camper, Bob on the ground, Bob in the water, Bob by the lake shore. You get the picture. My little one discovered that it was fun to call everything Bob because she got laughs from us all each time she did it.

This is the first "Bob" that we came across. Bob the turtle had crawled up to my father in law's AstroTurf (I had to look up the spelling for that one- never had to spell "AstroTurf before in my life....). Anyway, Bob the turtle was waiting patiently for my little "Bob-namer" to see him before he was turned loose. While waiting, he had some apple peelings and even a bite or two of baloney.

This is Bob the caterpillar. I have no idea as to what kind of caterpillar, but Bob sure does make an interesting one if I may say so myself. We just sort of left Bob alone since we had no idea what he was in the first place.

This is Bob the water bug. Once again, I have no idea as to what kind of water bug Bob is, but he cleared the swimming hole for sure that day. Bob was persistent in trying to swim away from the shore as fast as his little legs could carry him.

Check this "Bob" out. This Bob captured our attention after flying over the swimming hole and landing on the bank. Wow, the "Bobs" you see out in nature.......

This was our final "Bob" that we seen for the day. This particular Bob was drying his wings. I may be wrong but I'm pretty safe in saying that this Bob is a cicada. Bob captured my little Bob-namer's attention for quite sometime until his wings dried and straightened. (I snatched him up and set him free on a tree nearby- so he's safe now). I think he liked the tree better than "Bob-namer's" arm.

So, you can see that Bob-namer was quite busy that day at the park. I'm just glad that Bob-namer didn't get to name a snake.....

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  1. great pictures! love all the Bobs and I'm pretty sure that was cicada too.