Thursday, July 30, 2009

Friday Fill Ins

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1. It's time for a vacation!

2. The deep freezer; it's not a bad place for hiding M&M's.

3. I must be out of my mind babysitting so many kids at one time. (Oh yeah, I am...)

4. Running down the side of huge piles of sand that were pumped out of the river (way back when) is the best thing I have ever known.(that and galloping through the fields on my Dusty at full speed)

5. My manual pencil sharpener is simply not going to make it another school year.

6. The last time I laughed really loudly was when my sister mistakenly typed, "keybork" instead of "keyboard" when we were chatting online while doing a puzzle. From time to time I try to remember to ask her if she has been "keyborking" lately. (Hey, if you are reading this Kimiko, don't keybork too much today, ok? Excessive keyborking causes keybork-itis.)

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to bedtime (when the house will finally quiet down), tomorrow my plans include hopefully working on a new PDF project to sell in my Etsy shop (although my hubby has ideas of painting the kid's bedrooms- yeah, we'll see how that goes with a houseful of kids- ha ha) and Sunday, I want to play some kind of video game and just totally goof off for once (but please don't tell anyone- they will think of things for me to do instead)!

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  1. #5.
    Why do you think they make #2 mechanical pencils? No sharpening!