Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just when I thought trees were safe.....

From time to time, we see strange things outside our windows. You might remember the scary snake that Scott saw from the motorcycle. Well, I'm pretty sure I came face to face with that humongous varmint today.

It all started innocently enough. I passed by this tree that happens to have a hole in it. This particular pecan tree has some history with that hole. You see, last year, three gigantic snakes took up residence in that hole. It's for that very reason that I cast a sideways glance at the hole each and every time I pass by that tree. I hate snakes- there is nothing you can say or do to change my opinion of these evil creatures. Sorry, you can't pull the, "they eat pesty rodents" bit with me. I don't care- they also bite and kill people- so there.

Anyway, back to the tree with the hole..... I happened to have my camera in my pocket and snapped a quick picture of the hole in the tree. My intentions were to eventually make up some kind of silly story to go with the hole. My intentions quickly changed when I noticed something strange.....

so, I zoomed in a little bit and saw.......

something strange that was moving and was black and white and....enough can figure it out can't you. Guess who came back this year.

Yep, there he (or she?) is. That tongue was just a flicking around too. Let's just say that this particular snake was quite violent in it's behavior as I found out awhile later once I returned home. I got a call and was told that the snake lunged out of the hole about a foot into the air. Here I have been thinking all of these years that I only needed to watch my feet when walking out in the countryside. Now, I have to watch up in the trees too!

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