Thursday, July 23, 2009

I think that tomato plants have a since of humor

What do you get from this photo (other than the fact that the cement wall needs to be painted and that there is a poisonous wild strawberry plant happily growing)? Yep, that's right. There is a tomato plant, almost a foot tall, happily growing all by it's lonesome. How did this lone little plant come to be you say? I say that nature has a since of humor. Yeah, that's right- nature is full of comedians. This comedian in particular, seems to be saying to me, "naa naa na boo boo- you are a dummy!"

I've went back and calculated how many flats of tomato seeds I've planted this year. All of the plants that came up died from either my stupidity or nature's wrath. I think I came up with around 100 plants that bit the dust or never came up (no thanks to the chicken manure). That's ok- I'll get over it and try again next year but I have truly been insulted by this plant in the picture.

This happily growing little tomato plant came up- all by itself. Yes, all by itself. I do remember one particularly windy day that I was planting my seeds in my seed tray and one seed "flew" away. I looked for it briefly but quickly lost interest and shrugged it away. That one little seed decided to take up residence not 12 inches from my cold frame and do what comes natural to it- it grew. What makes me sick, is that no matter how much I babied my seedlings- they died. This rogue seed grew like crazy all by itself. Go figure. I'm so disgusted- maybe next year, I'll wait for a windy day, throw my tomato seeds in the air and let nature take it's course!