Monday, July 13, 2009

One up on the Fire Ants

Our potato harvest

I try to be an optimist, I really, really do. After all, this world is full of enough negativity and sadness already.

Sometimes, a person just has to keep hope alive. This time, my little form of hope came in a quick trip to the garden to dump my compost bucket on the pile. There was this handy, dandy pitch fork just waiting for me. I gave it a sideways glance and thought- "Naaa, I'd be wasting my time". That little voice inside said, "What have you got to loose- just a little time"

What is this leading up to you say? Well, remember that sometime back, the evil fire ants devoured all of my fingerling potato plants. First they started at the top of the plant and then ate down the stems and into the ground- yeah, kind of like locusts. Most people don't believe me when I say they did this but I have photographic proof- you've seen some of it already.

Potato Hill was the area in which we planted our precious spuds. Potato Hill now sits vacant except with a few mysterious looking mounds and loads of saw briars. Those mounds made me curious. What if, just what if, they (the evil fire ants) missed some of the buried spuds. I couldn't wait much longer and I snatched up that pitchfork and went to the Hill. What you see in the picture above is what was left. A single, lone, little tiny potato that had started it's life but had it's growing season snatched away by some evil ants. I smiled when I found this potato. I was so proud. Not that we had grown it, but that I had somehow triumphed in some strange sort of way over the evil ants that were out to get me and everything I touched in the garden.

Take that you nasty little ants- you missed one- HA!

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  1. Hey, they have miniature corn so why not mini potatoes?