Monday, October 26, 2009

6 x 3 = Lego creation

This is a typical sight on our kitchen table nowadays. To be honest, this is quite neat and tidy compared to most days. Do you see those nice green multiplication table cards there? What I'm working on right now is how to pour the numbers from those cards into Go Cart Boy's head. So far, he has the zero's and one's down. It's the two's and three's that are wreaking havoc in my kitchen.

So what's a mother to do when the two's and three's aren't sticking? They are just blowing Go Cart Boy's mind. Well, I thought hard and came up with a plan. "Hmmm, Go Cart Boy likes Lego's, Go Cart Boy hates multiplication tables. Wonder what would happen if I combined the two?"

The result: 6x3=18 and whatever this is. Hey, it worked and I doubt he will ever forget what 6 x 3 is. (and for those of you that are really astute, the other 4 Lego's are hanging off the back side of the contraption)

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  1. excellent! and very creative... 2 of my kids actually liked cooking/baking when they were younger and we'd go over percentages during and then while they were decorating cookies, I'd review with them... made things much sweeter sometimes!