Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One last Garden "Hoorah" and the Forensic Team

School has been taking up most of my free time but I have managed to grab a picture or two or three here and there. I thought I'd share a little of what went on this week with us.

One night, we returned home to find this bag of garden peas on the front porch. They were from Uncle Bubba. Roly Poly Girl got straight to work on those babies. I bet she ate 2 cups of them- RAW! With what was left, we were able to put up two quart bags in the deep freezer. That's good because "Fire Ant" peas are one of the few vegetables that all of my children will consume without complaining!

We visited the garden one last time this year to see what kind of peanut harvest we would have. This armful was it. The critters got the rest of them. We bundled these up and tied them up in the corn crib roof to dry out for a couple weeks. Not much to show for all of the work that went into planting these. Not much to show for the money the seeds cost in the first place. Hmmph. Well, the kids had fun pulling them up and each one ate ONE raw peanut- just to try. I'm not that brave. If you know what raw, uncured peanuts do to you, you'd understand why I didn't risk eating just one!

The fire ants were at it again. This hill was the largest I'd seen this year. I guess the little cold snip lately has them scrambling. (heee heee heee)

This is my spooky corn photo that didn't exactly turn out like I had planned. The sun was shining so majestically through the trees and dancing on the dried corn stalks. When I snapped the photo, I don't know what happened to the sun (I guess the camera didn't like the light). Anyway, it makes an interesting photo.

What's this? Is that a police car? Why yes, that is a police car. And is that a forensic team vehicle behind that police car? Why yes, that is the forensic team vehicle behind that police car. Why did I take a picture of this?

Because someone broke into this monster. This container is sitting out in the countryside, minding it's own business. Now crooks know where it is. Now, we can't go camping anymore. Now, the kids don't have a spare tv to play video games on. Now, no one can safely ride the go-cart since there are no helments anymore. Now, I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.

The ironic thing is, they stole every little treasure that was special to my oldest son. Amongst his treasures, was a Bible. Maybe the crooks will learn something from it..... we can only hope.

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